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Forensics - Defining and Measuring Crime
Define crime,
What are the historical issues re...,
What are the cultural issues rela...
11  cards
Forensics - Offender Profiling
What does offender profiling atte...,
What are the two main methods of ...,
What is the purpose of offender p...
42  cards
Forensics - Evaluating Offender Profiling (limitations)
What did holmes find providing li...,
What is the limitation of op in r...,
How has op been misuses and misun...
7  cards
Forensics - John Duffy Case Study (Strength)
What crimes did jd commit,
What was jd s personal characteri...,
What was jd s residential locatio...
7  cards
Forensics - Biological explanations for offending - genetic and neural
What did cesare lombroso believe,
What is positive criminology,
What physical characteristics did...
41  cards
Forensics - Cognitive Explanations for Offending Behavior
What did kohlberg suggest,
What are the 3 levels of moral re...,
What level are criminals at why i...
16  cards
Forensics - Psychological Explanations: Eysenck's theory
What did eysenck suggest,
What does the criminal personalit...,
What does somebody s personality ...
9  cards
Forensics - Psychological Explanations: Psychodynamic Explanations
How many types of inadequate supe...,
When is the superego formed and w...,
What does the deviant superego mean
10  cards
Forensics - Psychological Explanations: Differential association
What is differential association ...,
What is learnt,
Who is it learned from
7  cards
Forensics - Dealing with Offending Behaviour: Custodial Sentencing
What are the aims of custodial se...,
Define deterrence in relation to ...,
Define incapacitation
15  cards
Forensics - Dealing with offending behaviour: Behaviour Modification in Custody
What does behaviour modification ...,
What is the effect of reinforceme...,
When does an offender receive a t...
8  cards
Forensics - Dealing with Offending Behaviour: Anger Management
What does anger management focus ...,
What kind of approach is anger ma...,
What is the aim of anger management
11  cards
Forensics - Dealing with Offending Behaviour: Restorative Justice
What does restorative justice pla...,
What is the focus placed on in rj,
What can the offender do to show ...
7  cards
*NEW* Schizophrenia ; Reliability and validity in diagnosis and classification
Define schizophrenia,
What are positive symptoms,
What are hallucinations
28  cards
Schizophrenia - Diagnosing Schizophrenia
Define schizophrenia,
What are schizophrenia patients t...,
Sufferers may experience either o...
30  cards
*NEW* Schizophrenia: Biological explanations for SZ
What is the genetic explanation f...,
What did gottesmann find,
12  cards
Schizophrenia - Biological Explanations For Schizophrenia
What evidence suggests that schiz...,
What did gottesman 1991 found,
What were the concordance rates o...
27  cards
Schizophrenia : Psychological Explanations For Schizophrenia
What does a psychological explana...,
What characterises a schizophreno...,
How does a schizophrenogenic moth...
20  cards
Schizophrenia : Biological therapies for Schizophrenia - Drug Therapy
What are the two types of antipsy...,
How are antipsychotics dopamine a...,
What are antipsychotics typically...
18  cards
Schizophrenia : Psychological Therapies for Schizophrenia
What are the 3 main psychological...,
What does cbt involve for a sz pa...,
What does cbt emphasise how does ...
23  cards
Schizophrenia : The Interactionist Approach To Schizophrenia
What does the interactionist appr...,
What does the original diathesis ...,
What is the modern understanding ...
9  cards
Relationships - Sexual Selection and Human Reproductive Behaviour
Why might certain seemingly disad...,
What does sexual selection determine,
What does the term anisogamy desc...
22  cards
Relationships - Factors affecting attraction: Self-Disclosure
What is self disclosure,
What is the aim of self disclosure,
Who proposed the idea of social p...
13  cards
Relationships - Factors affecting attraction: Physical attractiveness
What are males attracted to in a ...,
What does the halo effect suggest,
According to the matching hypothe...
12  cards
Relationships - Factors affecting attraction: Filter Theory
Who developed the filter theory,
What does the filter theory suggest,
What are the three main filters c...
14  cards
Relationships - Theories of romantic relationships : Social Exchange Theory
Who proposed social exchange theory,
What is set,
What do we use to assess potentia...
16  cards
Relationships - Theories of romantic relationships : Equity theory
According to equity theory what i...,
Give examples of rewards in a rel...,
Give examples of rewards in a rel...
18  cards
Relationships - Theories of romantic relationships : Rusbult's Investment Model
What does rusbult s investment mo...,
What theory is rim an extension of,
According to rim what are the thr...
17  cards
Relationships - Theories of romantic relationships : Duck's Phase Model
What did duck suggest,
What is the first threshold and p...,
What behaviours are typical of th...
19  cards
Relationships - Virtual Relationships in Social Media
What can cause a difference in th...,
What do keisler and sproull sugge...,
What does the hyperpersonal model...
15  cards
Relationships - Parasocial Relationships
Who developed the celebrity attit...,
What does the celebrity attitude ...,
What are the three stages of cele...
26  cards
Issues and Debates - Gender Bias
What is gender bias,
What is alpha bias,
What are the consequences of alph...
14  cards
Issues and Debates - Cultural Bias
What is culture,
What is cultural bias,
What is cultural relativism
15  cards
Issues and Debates - Free Will and Determinism
What is determinism,
What are the three types of deter...,
What is biological determinism
14  cards
Issue and Debates - Nature and nurture
What is the environment,
What did lerner identify,
What is nature
11  cards
Issues and Debates - Holism and reductionism
Define holism,
Define reductionism,
What are levels of explanation
11  cards
Issues and Debates - Idiographic and nomothetic approaches to psychological investigation
What is the idiographic approach,
What methods does the idiographic...,
Give an example of the idiographi...
12  cards
Issues and Debates - Ethical implications and social sensitivity
What is socially sensitive research,
What are the major bps ethical gu...,
What are some potential ethical i...
6  cards

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