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Test 1 - Therapeutic Communication
____ is the unconscious process o...,
_________ is the clinician rns em...,
Give an example of a broad opening
52  cards
Test 1 - Chapter 18, 19
A dog drools at the sight of meat...,
If a dog drools after hearing the...,
The reason we dont wear our white...
25  cards
Test 1 - Chapter 3 - Theories of Personality Development (Theory PPT also)
Eriksons theory of development a ...,
Eriksons theory of development to...,
Eriksons theory of developmentchi...
43  cards
Defense Mechanisms (From Chapter 2)
What is the upside to defense mec...,
Not in text but in ppt slamming b...,
Not in text but in ppt devotion o...
24  cards
Ignore - Thursday - Chapters 2,9,10,11 (Also see therapeutic communication above)
Chapter 2,
What are some indicators of menta...,
T or f families are most likely t...
5  cards
Test 1 - Substance abuse
Wrongful or harmful use improper ...,
Need is so strong it may result i...,
Physiological and mental redajust...
69  cards
Test 1 - Medications for Mental Health
What are the nurses role in medic...,
What is steady state,
What is half life
113  cards
Test 1 - Eating Disorders
Do anorexic patients feel hunger ...,
What is lanugo,
What is a plan to success for ano...
39  cards
Test 1 - Legal
T or f if a patient feels suicida...,
What are three reasons to call 5150,
T or f patients are always entitl...
26  cards
Axis I - IV
Axis i include what,
Axis ii includes what,
Axis iii includes what
4  cards
Test 1 - Mental Status Exam
Describe appearance,
Describe behavior motor,
16  cards
Test 1 - Leadership Types, Group development phases
A leader that feels its my way or...,
Focus is on the leader,
Member participation is limited i...
8  cards
Test 1 - Therapeutic communication techniques and individual therapy phases
A child is in the dying phase wha...,
Yes i understand what you said nod,
I notice you combed your hair today
24  cards
Test 2 (Case study quiz) Chapter 25 - Depressive disorders
What is mdd,
Mdd is characterized diagnosed by,
Mdd is specified according to whe...
17  cards
Test 2 (case study quiz) - Chapter 26 - Bipolar and related disorders
Bipolar disorders is characerized by,
What is the difference between ma...,
Bipolar dx can be labeled as i or...
23  cards
Test 2 (Case Study QUiz) - Chapter 27 - Anxiety, OCD, and related DO's AND Chapter 13 - crisis
_________is apprehension tension ...,
_________is apprehension tension ...,
What are the four levels of anxiety
59  cards
Test 2 (Case Study Quiz) - Chapter 29 - Somatic Symptom and Dissociative Disorders
______ _____ disorders are charac...,
T or f we should rule out medical...,
Is the pain felt in ssdo real or ...
22  cards
Test 2 - Chapter 28 - Trauma-related and Stressor-related (PTSD, Acute Stress and Adjustmen DO)
0  cards
NEW!! Psych Meds - ANTIPSYCHOTICS - with both names, cuz dammit we need to pass!!
1st generation antipsychotic side...,
1st gen antipsychotic are used to...,
Haloperidol haldol
41  cards
NEW!! Psych Meds - ANTIDEPRESSANTS - with both names, cuz dammit we need to pass!!
What is the mechanism of action f...,
Antidepresants may cause ______ e...,
Tricyclics work by
26  cards
NEW!! Psych Meds - ANTICONVULSANTS - With both names, cuz dammit we need to pass.
How do anticonvulsants work,
Carbamazapine _______,
Gabapentin _______
6  cards
What action do anxiolytics have i...,
What can we use anxiolytics for,
Anxiolytics include benzos which ...
14  cards
NEW!! Psych Meds - ACh Inhibitors
Donepezil _____,
Tacrine ____,
Memantine _____
5  cards
NEW!! Psych Meds - Stimulants
Methylphenidate ____,
Detroamphetamine _____,
Pemoline ______
6  cards
Ch. 24 - Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is caused by an ele...,
Why should you suggest that a sch...,
T or f there is increase risk for...
56  cards
Ch. 22 Neurocognitive Disorders
A ______ is characterized by dist...,
Common defense mechanism used by ...,
Delirium or dementia a progressiv...
35  cards
Ch. 33 - Children and Adolescents
What are risk factors for disorde...,
There are varying levels of intel...,
A person with ____ intellectual d...
33  cards
Final - Meds based on Disease/Disorder
What medications should we use fo...,
Why would we use clonidine to tre...,
What is the purpose of giving ant...
19  cards
Ch. 35 - Survivors of Abuse and Neglect
Physical neglect emotional neglec...,
When basic needs such as food clo...,
No love or support is a form of _...
18  cards

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