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Structure Of Atmosphere
What is the composition of the at...,
How is water present in the atmos...,
List the 4 layers of the atmosphe...
24  cards
What is temperature,
How is temperature measured,
What type of thermometer is used ...
27  cards
Water Vapour
List the 3 states water exists in,
What is laten heat,
Does laten heat change the temper...
21  cards
Atmospheric Stability
As the temperature of the air inc...,
The temperature of air rises when...,
What is adiabatic cooling
31  cards
What are clouds,
Clouds impede visibility how,
What does the amount of light tha...
28  cards
What is the diameter of water dro...,
What is the diameter of drizzle,
What is the diameter of heavy rain
22  cards
Each thunderstorm start life as w...,
A thunderstorms development is de...,
What are the 3 stages of the stor...
13  cards
Ice can only form on an aircraft ...,
The smaller the water droplet the...,
What does aircraft icing depend on
23  cards
What does visibility mean,
List the intervals that visibilit...,
Reduction is vis below 5000m has ...
24  cards
What is altimetry,
As height increases pressure and ...,
What 3 factors effect density
9  cards
Wind 1
What is wind,
What units are used to measure wind,
Wind direction
19  cards
Wind 2
Wind are the ground level is ____...,
In the northern hemisphere the su...,
Does the wind flow follow the dir...
19  cards
What is convection turbulence,
What is mechanical turbulence,
What is wind sheer
8  cards
Air Masses + Pressure Systems
What are the two classification o...,
What are sub categories of air ma...,
What air mass produces warm moist...
19  cards
Frontal Systems
The boarder between air masses te...,
The transition layer between air ...,
How is a front indicated on a chart
18  cards
Met Services For Aviation
List the met reports available fo...,
How often is a metar published,
What is a sepci for
20  cards
Gusts 10kts or more above mean speed,
15  cards

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