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Ch 1 - The Atmosphere
10  cards
Ch 2 - Heating Of The Atmosphere
Temperature conversions,
Stevenson screen,
31  cards
Ch 3 - Atmospheric Pressure
High pressure system anti cyclones,
Low pressure system cyclones and ...
22  cards
Ch 4 - Atmospheric Density
Density decreases with altitude,
Optimal performance conditions fo...
4  cards
Ch 5 - Humidity
Water cycle key points,
Saturation content,
Water vapour pressure
11  cards
Ch 6 - Cloud Formation
Formation of fog,
Dissipation of clouds or fog
24  cards
Ch 7 - Cloud Classification
Cumulus general features,
Stratus general features,
24  cards
Ch 8 - Precipitation
Bergeon findeisen process,
Coalescence process
14  cards
Ch 9 - Turbulence And Windshear
Turbulence criteria table
22  cards
Ch 10 - Low Level Wind
Measuring wing,
Wind terms in terms of speed,
Wind direction
22  cards
Ch 11 - Upper Winds And Jet Streams
Wind speed and heights,
Thermal wind,
Contour charts and thickness charts
13  cards
Ch 12 - Icing
Supercooled water droplets scwd,
Dangers of scwd,
Hoar frost
16  cards
Ch 14 - Thunderstorms
Thunderstorm ts defintion,
Heat and air mass for a ts,
Frontal ts
15  cards
Ch 16 - Visibility
Visibility is reduced by,
Fog and mist different because,
Radiation fog
23  cards
Ch 21 - Reporting And Forecasting
Icao annex 3,
50  cards
Ch 20 - Climatology
The itcz,
Jan global pressure systems,
July global pressure systems
22  cards
Ch 17 - Air Masses
Air mass,
Source regions,
Air mass sources latitudes
15  cards
Ch 22 - Remote Sensing
2 types of weather radar,
Greatest return in descending order,
Weather radar does not detect
7  cards
Ch 18 - Fronts And Frontal Depressions
21  cards
Ch 19 - Tropical Revloving Storms
Factors that a trs needs to form,
The role of the equatorial low pr...,
Easterly waves july
19  cards
Ch 5 - Pressure Systems
Weather associated with cyclones,
Orographic lee depressions
15  cards

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