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Chapter 28 Review ~ Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements
The liquid portion of acrylic nai...,
What is used prior to acrylic nai...,
A monomer is one unit called a ___
30  cards
Chapter 29 Review ~ UV Gels
Gels that are used to enhance the...,
Urethane acrylate and urethane me...,
Uv gels contain ___ which are liq...
15  cards
Chapter 30 Review ~ Seeking Employment
A vital tool used in securing emp...,
Photographs of your services a li...,
In order to observe a salon it is...
25  cards
Chapter 32 Review ~ The Salon Business
A primary concern in salon design...,
Clients and associates will be tr...,
Malpractice insurance is purchase...
25  cards
Chapter 1 Review ~ History and Career Opportunities
The art and science of beautifyin...,
In ancient greece what mineral wa...,
The first to cultivate beauty in ...
15  cards
Chapter 2 ~ Life Skills
Long term goals are usually those...,
In order to manage your time effe...,
If you find studying overwhelming...
15  cards
Chapter 3 Review ~ Your Professional Image
One measure that can be taken to ...,
The impression you project as a p...,
Your ___ shows off your figure an...
10  cards
Chapter 4 Review ~ Communicating for Success
If a client is dissatisfied with ...,
What tool can be used to put your...,
An important strategy to use when...
15  cards
Chapter 5 Review ~ Infection Control: Principles and Practices
Submicroscopic particles that inf...,
The environmental protection agen...,
Organisms that grow feed and shel...
32  cards
Chapter 6 Review ~ Anatomy & Physiology
The principal parts of the cell a...,
The process by which cells reprod...,
During ___ energy can be stored b...
69  cards
Chapter 7 Review ~ Skin Structure, Growth, And Nutrition
The skin is the thickest on the,
The medical branch of science tha...,
Nerve endings are most abundant i...
20  cards
Chapter 8 Review ~ Skin Disorders and Diseases
Children under the age of ___ sho...,
Approximately ___ percent of agin...,
An abnormal cell mass varying in ...
33  cards
Chapter 9 Review ~ Nail Structure and Growth
The skin that surrounds the nail ...,
The end portion of the nail plate...,
The nail unit consists of basic p...
20  cards
0  cards
Chapter 12 Review ~ Basics of Chemistry
There are about ____ naturally oc...,
If a product has a ph of 89 it is...,
Liquids that mix easily are known...
33  cards
Chapter 13 Review ~ Basics of Electricity
The term used for measuring the s...,
An insulator or ___ is a substanc...,
The negative or positive state of...
25  cards
Chapter 14 Review ~ Principles of Hair Design
Horizontal and vertical lines tha...,
Which type of lines will soften a...,
The area surrounding the mass or ...
33  cards
Chapter 15 Review ~ Scalp Care, Shampooing, & Conditioning
The water treatment in which wate...,
The main ingredient in all shampo...,
The lipophilic end of a surfactan...
25  cards
Chapter 16 Review ~ Haircutting
In haircutting your ___ hand will...,
To achieve a ___ cut the hair is ...,
As a general rule the more you el...
50  cards
Chapter 17 Review ~ Hairstyling
What type of base curl is recomme...,
What type of pin curls produce ev...,
What type of base curl is recomme...
45  cards
Chapter 18 Review ~ Braiding and Braid Extensions
A board made of fine upright nail...,
The tool that dries hair without ...,
Natural hairstyling does not alte...
25  cards
Chapter 19 Review ~ Wigs and Hair Additions
Hair additions that add length vo...,
When burning synthetic hair it wi...,
When taking measurements for the ...
20  cards
Chapter 20 Review Part 1~ Chemical Texture Services: Permanent Waving
Waves that process more quickly a...,
A method of wrapping a permanent ...,
The action of waving lotion is to...
50  cards
Chapter 20 Review Part 2 ~ Chemical Texture Services: Chemical Hair Relaxing and Soft Curl Perming
What stops the action of any chem...,
The chemical required to stop the...,
What are the three basic steps us...
33  cards
Chapter 21 Review ~ Haircoloring
The technique of coloring strands...,
When performing retouches on red ...,
The method used to analyze the li...
60  cards
Chapter 22 Review ~ Hair Removal
Facial waxing or tweezing should ...,
The technical term for an unusual...,
In laser hair removal a laser bea...
25  cards
Chapter 23 Review ~ Facials
The term that refers to the peeli...,
Agents that soften and smooth the...,
A detergent type foaming cleanser...
50  cards
Chapter 24 Review ~ Facial Makeup
What cosmetic is used to provide ...,
Before applying makeup it is nece...,
What product can be used to make ...
20  cards
Chapter 25 Review ~ Manicuring
An oil manicure is a recommended ...,
Lamps attached to a manicure tabl...,
When you perform nail services th...
33  cards
Chapter 26 Review ~ Pedicuring
One of your primary responsibilit...,
Water based lotions that contain ...,
When should a foot spa be disinfe...
20  cards
Chapter 27 Review ~ Nail Tips and Wraps
In a nail tip application an abra...,
The bonding agent used to secure ...,
Nail tips are applied for the pur...
20  cards

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