milady esthetics

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ch 1 - history and career opportunities in esthetics
Who is responsible for examinatio...,
Who cultivated beauty in an extra...,
What is restoration work
35  cards
ch 1 - vocabulary / terms
5  cards
ch 2 - life skills
What term refers to the conscious...,
What propels you to do something ...,
When you prioritize in what order...
34  cards
ch 2 - vocabulary / terms
Game plan,
Goal setting
7  cards
ch 3 - your professional image
When choosing makeup for work wha...,
How much time of the relaxation r...,
What affects your interaction wit...
34  cards
ch 3 - vocabulary / terms
Ergonomically correct posture,
Personal hygiene
5  cards
ch 4 - communicating for success
What do you earn when you approac...,
When should a client fill out an ...,
What is considered a legal docume...
45  cards
ch 4 - vocabulary / terms
Client consultation,
Consent form
4  cards
ch 5 - infection control : principles and practices
What term refers to the ability t...,
What term indicates that a produc...,
What term refers to a resistance ...
50  cards
ch 5 - vocabulary / terms
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome,
Acquired immunity,
84  cards
ch 6 - general anatomy and physiology
How much blood does the human bod...,
What is a nutritive fluid flowing...,
What are plateletsa blood compone...
60  cards
ch 6 - vocabulary / terms
235  cards
ch 7 - basics of chemistry
What has physical properties that...,
What causes oxidation a addition ...,
What is an ion a atom or molecule...
40  cards
ch 7 - vocabulary / terms
Acid mantle,
Acid alkali neutralization reactions,
58  cards
ch 8 - basics of electricity
What does the acronym led stand f...,
What measure is one thousandth of...,
What term refers to currents used...
40  cards
ch 8 - vocabulary / terms
Active electrode,
Alternating current,
54  cards
ch 9 - basics of nutrition
What term refers to carbohydrates...,
What term refers to carbohydrate ...,
How are nonessential amino acids ...
44  cards
ch 9 - vocabulary / terms
Adenosine triphosphate,
Amino acid,
33  cards
ch 10 - physiology and histology of the skin
Why is uvb radiation also known a...,
What is not an element of the ski...,
What causes injured skin to resto...
65  cards
ch 10 - vocabulary / terms
Apocrine glands,
Arrector pili muscle,
Barrier function
50  cards
ch 11 - disorders and diseases of the skin
What term is used to describe any...,
What is leukodermaa flat hairy sp...,
What is the term for a flat spot ...
85  cards
ch 11 - vocabulary / terms
Acne excoriee,
Actinic keratoses
83  cards
ch 12 - skin analysis
What is a characteristic of sebor...,
What are intrinsic factorsa nutri...,
What are extrinsic factorsa healt...
50  cards
ch 12 - vocabulary / terms
9  cards
ch 13 - skin care products : chemistry, ingredients, and selection
What are botanicals made froma pl...,
What is not among the components ...,
What is not something from which ...
60  cards
ch 13 - vocabulary / terms
Alpha hydroxy acids,
116  cards
ch 14 - the treatment room
What should you wash your hands w...,
What should you do with single us...,
When should you clean and disinfe...
35  cards
ch 14 - vocabulary / terms
5  cards
ch 15 - facial treatments
What is a food or drink that does...,
What skin condition can be preven...,
What does it mean if a client say...
65  cards
ch 15 - vocbulary / terms
3  cards
ch 16 - facial massage
What action should you not use on...,
What part of the body should you ...,
What is feathering a use of feath...
40  cards
ch 16 - vocabulary / terms
Dr jacquet movement
17  cards
ch 17 - facial machines
How does dehydrated skin appear u...,
What is not one of the colors com...,
How will hypopigmentation appear ...
45  cards
ch 17 - vocabulary / terms
High frequency machine,
Lucas sprayer,
Rotary brush
9  cards
ch 18 - hair removal
What is the third stage of hair g...,
How does thermolysis destroy hair...,
What is another name for threadin...
49  cards
ch 18 - vocabulary / terms
22  cards
ch 19 - advanced topics and treatments
What effect does sclerotherapy ha...,
What parts of the face are affect...,
What is a tca peel used for a lig...
35  cards
ch 19 - vocabulary / terms
Cosmetic surgery,
25  cards
ch 20 - the world of makeup
What type of light is best for ma...,
What is one of the factors to con...,
What is not true of the color tem...
45  cards
ch 20 - vocabulary / terms
Band lashes,
Cake makeup,
Complimentary colors
14  cards
ch 21 - career planning
When should you start keeping car...,
What is not an indication that yo...,
What is not something for which y...
45  cards
ch 21 - vocabulary / terms
Job description,
8  cards
ch 22 - the skin care business
When should you confirm that you ...,
Why should you contact local auth...,
Whose assistance should you seek ...
60  cards
ch 22 - vocabulary / terms
Booth rental,
Business plan,
17  cards
ch 23 - selling products and services
What is explained in the literatu...,
What is the main purpose of sales...,
When is the prudent for you to fo...
35  cards
ch 23 - vocabulary / terms
Client record keeping,
Closing consultation
12  cards

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