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Compressor Fundamentals
3 ways to increase pressure in a ...,
Principle used by dynamic compressor,
0 kelvin to celcius
22  cards
screw compressor
Dual rotor screw compressor requi...,
Dual rotor screw compressor uses ...,
Another name for screw compressor
20  cards
liquid ring
Air gets in and out of the liquid...,
Liquid ring compressor elliptical...,
Compressor best used for saturate...
5  cards
vane compressor
Valve located at the compressor d...,
Valve located at the discharge to...,
Valve found after the air filter ...
9  cards
dynamic compressors
How to increase effieciency and c...,
Increasing the speed in the singl...,
Adding additional impellers also ...
36  cards
Hydraulic Valves A
Relieves maximum pressure in a sy...,
Relives all pressure under normal...,
Relief valve to handle small flow...
37  cards
Hydraulic Valves B
Valve mounted on top of a stack v...,
Valve mounted on sub plate on a s...,
Valve mounted between top plate a...
34  cards
Hydraulic pumps & Actuator A
Non positive pump that has an imp...,
Non positive pump which uses a pr...,
Amount of leakage in positive dis...
50  cards
Hydraulic pump & actuator
Actuator with linear force,
Actuator delivers torque,
Telescopic cylinders only have se...
23  cards
Hydraulic Quiz
Fluid viscosity for hydraulic fluid,
Tank size for open system,
Tank size for close system
11  cards
Laser Shaft Alignment
Laser alignment setup does not al...,
Where is the laser detector unit ...,
Where is the prism reflector mounted
7  cards
leveling and bore alignment A
Focusing lens,
Dispersing lens,
Telescope sight part used to focu...
23  cards
leveling and bore alignment B
Grout spacing between machine bas...,
Laser strength of laser,
Type of measurement for checking ...
14  cards
Pipe strain
Types of static load,
Types of dynamic load,
Pipe strain distortion can cause
26  cards
3 types of pressure from fans,
Airflow through the system is con...,
Type of pressure that air exerts ...
26  cards
gas and air dryer
As air warms up the amount of wat...,
Weight of one grain of water,
Large volume of liquid entering i...
30  cards
heat exchanger
Heat exchanger for gas to gas,
Heat exchanger to liquid to gas,
Liquid or gas in the tubes of she...
28  cards
Industrial refrigeration A
Refrigerant in screw compressor,
Liquified overfeed systems in mea...,
Heat transfer through physical co...
32  cards
Industrial refrigeration B
Refrigerant in centrifugal chillers,
Major difference in liquid overfe...,
Refrigeration unit for hockey rinks
8  cards
Alignment A
4 sources of error in alignment t...,
Light refraction direction when p...,
What does convex mean
24  cards

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