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Describe nominal size,
Describe actual size,
Describe basic size
19  cards
Coversions And Formulas
How many 64ths in an 8th,
How many 64ths in a 1 4,
How many 64ths in 1 2
19  cards
What are the 3 types of friction,
Describe sliding friction,
Describe rolling friction
34  cards
Grouting Leveling and Anchoring
What are the 3 types of levels us...,
What is a plumb bob used for,
What method of alignment can be m...
17  cards
Instalation and Removing Of Fasteners
What does ductility mean,
What is tension tensile stress,
What is compression compressive s...
21  cards
Non Threaded Fasteners
What are the different types of n...,
How are small rivets measured,
Solid rivets are often found in
10  cards
Threads And Fasteners
What are the main purposes of a s...,
What does pitch refer to,
What is major diameter
41  cards
Rigging And Ladder Safety
What are the six considerations w...,
What are the 3 cores in wire rope,
What type of core is better for c...
66  cards
Print Reading
Orthographic print what,
What are the six different planes...,
What is the key view in orthograp...
43  cards
The imperial system uses,
Metric systems uses,
12 3 1760 yards
18  cards
Lathe Compontents And Operation
When using a file on the lathe wh...,
What is the most typical lathe,
What are the types of lathe centres
39  cards
Use paper towel when handling_____,
What is the most time consuming b...,
What are the four types of knee a...
57  cards
Explosive Actuated Tools
What is a power load,
What caliber are power loads avai...,
Low velocity tools use _____ powe...
27  cards
What is a sensitive drill press u...,
Sensitive drills do not have,
What type of chuck is typically f...
52  cards
Power Saws
What are the four commonly used s...,
What is spm what machines measure...,
Number of saw blade teeth per inch
31  cards
Portable And Air Tools
What are some specific safety rul...,
What is gfci what does it do,
What tools must always be used on...
14  cards
Portable Power And Air Tools
What are some key safety rules wh...,
What is a gfci,
When should gfci be used
15  cards
What test do you preform before i...,
What rpm do you use,
What is the gap your tool rest sh...
31  cards
Hand Tools Part B
What are pullers used for,
What are two main types of hydrau...,
What are the two main types of cl...
21  cards
Hand Tools Part A
Hacksaw blades are sized by,
Saw blade pitch refers to,
How many teeth need to be in cont...
21  cards
What are the two types of layout ...,
What are the three grades of surf...,
What is used to mark metal for la...
24  cards
Measuring Tools Part B
Why is it using direct measuremen...,
Three types of transfer measureme...,
Spring callipers are used for whi...
12  cards
Measuring Tools Part A
What are the four types of steel ...,
What are the lines on a steel rul...,
What are 3 common graduations
27  cards
Whmis stands for,
Suppliers and employers must provide,
What must be done whenever a cont...
36  cards

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