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Trauma 1 and 2 - intro
What is the most common trauma in...,
What type of occlusion is a predi...,
What dental tissues are involved ...
54  cards
Caries risk: aetiology and risk
4 factors that contribute to dent...,
What does bacteria do to the dent...,
What initiates dentinogenesis
20  cards
Cariology - further Tr planning
How long does it take for occlusi...,
What is sdf licensed for in the uk,
What does sdf look and taste like
10  cards
FP - indications and pre op assess
What is a crown,
Materials for crowns,
Indications for crowns 7
18  cards
FP - basics of tooth prep
List the extra coronal indirect f...,
List the intra coronal indirect f...,
What materials can be used for fi...
29  cards
FP - the core to success
When is a core build up indicated,
How are indirect cores retained,
What materials can be used for di...
21  cards
FP - all ceramic restorations
What are advantages of ceramic re...,
List disadvantages of all ceramic...,
How are dental ceramics classified
18  cards
FP - cuspal coverage indirect restorations
Explain the importance of cuspal ...,
List the factors that determine w...,
List the 4 designs of cuspal cove...
9  cards
FP - impression techniques
Name the 2 hydrophillic impressio...,
Name the 3 hydrophobic elastomeri...,
Why are hydrophobic impression ma...
36  cards
Trauma 3 - immediate management
A patient presents with trauma wh...,
How do you assess for signs of he...,
What must be assessed extra orally
48  cards
Trauma 4 - long term follow up
List possible complications of tr...,
What are general signs of pulpal ...,
What are radiographic signs of pu...
85  cards
Oral med - what is normal?
What openings are found in the fl...,
What is found on the buccal mucos...
11  cards
Oral med - TMD
What are the 2 main systems to cl...,
List 6 groups of icop,
Describe tmd
42  cards
DM - fibre reinforced composites (FRC)
What is fibre reinforced composit...,
What types of glass fibres are us...,
How is e glass modified to make i...
36  cards
DM - precious and low gold alloys
What are the 2 types of alloys wi...,
Explain the placement of a pure g...,
What are the 4 types of casting g...
22  cards
DM - ceramics
What is incorporated in dental po...,
How is dental porcelain customise...,
What are the 2 ingredients that m...
32  cards
OS - third molars
List the requirements for surgica...,
Why may you have to surgically re...,
Why may you have to surgically re...
89  cards
OS - impacted canines
What is the second most commonly ...,
Where are most ectopic canines fo...,
Where are maxillary canines palpa...
39  cards
FP - provisional restorations
List 5 functions of a restoration,
When are provisional restorations...,
What are the 5 methods to create ...
24  cards
Trauma 5 - aesthetic management
List the causes of tooth discolou...,
What is the legal age to receive ...,
How do you treat discolouration d...
21  cards
FP - when, why and how to replace missing teeth
When why would we replace missing...,
Does oral function change with a ...,
List the prosthetic replacement o...
19  cards
DM - cement: crowns, posts and bridges
When cementing a post and core wh...,
What marker can be placed to acco...,
What is the function of luting ce...
48  cards
DM - predictors of clinical durability
What principles are needed to gai...,
What method is used to analyse data,
Describe kaplan meier survival an...
8  cards
PERIO - systemic disease
What is a periodontal pocket fill...,
What makes the periodontal pocket...,
What do inflamed periodontal tiss...
86  cards
RP - reasons for rendering pt edentulous
List reasons for rendering a pt e...,
Who is root caries more prevalent...,
Regarding appearance why may we w...
5  cards
RP - retention and stability of complete dentures
What is retention,
What is stability,
What are types of displacive forces
23  cards
RP - complete dentures opposed by natural teeth
The presence of natural teeth mea...,
What may trauma to the maxillary ...,
What is combination syndrome
13  cards
RP - relines, repairs, and additions
What is a reline,
What is a rebase,
What is the difference between re...
28  cards
RP - overdenture
What is an overdenture,
What are advantages of overdentures,
What are disadvantages of overden...
4  cards
RP - immediate dentures
Explain the clinical stages for a...,
What are the advantages of immedi...,
What type of extractions may an i...
15  cards
TEAMWORK - what is work?
Who developed management theory,
What does introducing rest pauses do,
Explain the bank wiring room theory
4  cards
TEAMWORKING - working in teams
What are adair s characteristics ...,
What are belbin s evolved nine te...
2  cards
OS - impacted incisors and premolars
When would you class a maxillary ...,
What are the hereditary aetiology...,
What are the environmental aetiol...
30  cards
RP - implant pros
What is an implant,
What is the benefit of using impl...,
Name the 3 parts of a dental implant
30  cards
TEAMWORKING - making a specialist referral
What is a referral for,
What should be included in a refe...,
Who can you refer patients to
5  cards
INFECTION CONTROL - decontamination
What is decontamination,
What does disinfecting alone not ...
40  cards
How many covid cases were asympto...,
What is an aerosol,
What is a splatter defined by
13  cards
Oral med - pain of the cranial nerves
What can pain attributed to lesio...,
What can pain attributed to lesio...,
Describe trigeminal neuralgia sym...
10  cards
Oral med - idiopathic orofacial pain
Describe idiopathic orofacial pain,
What are symptoms of idiopathic o...,
What are 3 types of idiopathic or...
23  cards
Oral med - primary headaches
What are the 3 ichd,
What are the 2 types of migraines,
Describe a migraine without aura
7  cards
OS - maxillary sinuses
What roots of what teeth are most...,
What are maxillary sinus peri ope...,
Why may pts think sinus pathology...
60  cards
OS - difficulty of xla
Why do older teeth pose more risk...,
What type of ethnic background ma...,
Why do lone standing molars incre...
29  cards
OS - benign mucosal lesions
What is the surgical sieve,
What are types of congenital beni...,
Where do you commonly find leukoe...
59  cards
OS - complications in oral surgery
How may tmj dislocation arise dur...,
What can you do to prevent tmj di...,
List postop special complications...
34  cards
OS - bleeding
What are the classification of bl...,
What type of medications are asso...,
What is a sign that someone has a...
34  cards
OS - sepsis
What is sepsis,
What gender is sepsis more common...,
What age is more at risk of sepsis
11  cards
OS - principles and planning
What are goals of mos,
What are the 7 steps in mos,
What scalpels are used for mos
24  cards
OS - instruments
What are the 9 goals of the mos i...,
What instrument is used to hold s...,
What are your standard tweezers c...
20  cards
What is the chemical name for asp...,
List the 4 features of aspirin,
What does anti pyrexic mean
22  cards
THERAPEUTICS - paracetamol
What is paracetamols chemical name,
What are the properties of aspirin,
What are paracetamols effects
15  cards
What type of drug is codeine,
How do opiates act,
What is morphine
23  cards
THERAPEUTICS - metronidazole
What type of drug is metronidazole,
What pathogens does metronidazole...,
What is the half life of metronid...
13  cards
THERAPEUTICS - penicillin
What class is penicillin,
What is penicillins mechanism of ...,
What spectrum does penicillin hav...
15  cards
THERAPEUTICS - clindamycin
What is the chemical name for cli...,
What anaerobes does clindamycin t...,
What is clindamycins mechanism of...
9  cards
What is the timeline of resin ret...,
Describe the rochette bridge,
What was the rochette bridge main...
22  cards
FP - conventional bridgework
What are the 5 components of conv...,
What is the abutment in conventio...,
What is the retainer in conventio...
25  cards
PAEDS - dental anomalies
When do teeth begin to develop,
What are the stages of tooth deve...,
What is formed at cap stage
93  cards
ORAL MED - white patches
What is the aetiology of white sp...,
What are signs and symptoms of wh...,
What are the clinical features of...
58  cards
PAEDS - trauma handbook
Why would you perform a pulpotomy,
What is the purpose of performing...,
When treating a tooth with pulpal...
31  cards
What is a cbct,
What are the non dmfr uses of cbcts,
What shape is the cbct xray beam
20  cards
RADIOLOGY - other modalities
What are the other modalities in ...,
What may be used to increase soft...,
What shape is the beam for a ct scan
32  cards
PERIO - halitosis
What does the term halitosis deri...,
What is halitosis,
What is the epidemiology of halit...
29  cards
OS - tutorial 3
What does a sinus imply,
A sinus is placed buccally what d...,
Why wont antibiotics help a root ...
37  cards
DM - Ceramic tradenames
What is a porcelain jacket crown ...,
What is a dentine bonded crown,
What is a coping
22  cards
Mod 5 removable pros
What can partial dentures be made of,
What is the disadvantage of cocr ...,
What is kennedy class i
14  cards
RP - new rebase
Before taking the impression what...,
What type of impression is taken ...,
What happens to the impression taken
13  cards
RP - surveying and design
How is the model removed from the...,
What is used to scribe tooth and ...,
What is used to measure the desir...
25  cards
Dental emergency
List the types of periapical diag...,
2  cards

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