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What are plasmids,
Are all plasmids circular,
R factors in plasmids give bacter...
85  cards
DNA Structure
What are some of the general char...,
What is the difference between th...,
What are the 3 medically relevant...
36  cards
Definition mutant,
Definition strain,
Definition phenotype
35  cards
Transcription and Translation
What are the 3 ways rna differs f...,
What are the 3 types of rna invol...,
What are the 3 forms in rna struc...
28  cards
Exam 1 review
A repeating dna sequence at the e...,
The enzyme responsible for initia...,
The enzyme that accomplishes the ...
107  cards
Ex2- Regulation of Gene Expression
What is gene expression,
True or false microorganisms are ...,
True or false since biosynthesis ...
80  cards
Transference of genetic information and E. coli operons Practice exam 2
The lac operon is expressed when,
When in complex with ____ the cap...,
In the absence of lactose the lac...
27  cards
Old Exam 2 practice problems
The transfer of a naked fragment ...,
The transport of bacterial dna to...,
What happens during a f xf mating
43  cards
Ex2- Transfer of Genetic Information
How do bacteria reproduce by bina...,
What events can result in a herit...,
What is genetic transfer and in w...
51  cards
Ex3 Transposons and site-specific recombination
What are transposons,
What happens in the process calle...,
What are jumping genes
56  cards
Exam 3 key problems
Who does the blood evidence found...,
Who does the hair evidence found ...,
What does the forensic dna analys...
35  cards
PMG Final
A mutation always causes a mutant...,
A messenger is 336 nucleotides lo...,
A spontaneous mutation usually or...
88  cards
Final Exam problems
Predict how a laci s mutant would...,
_______ opens strand and acts as ...,
83  cards

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