mor 225: embalming theory ii

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Chapter 12: Injection and Drainage Techniques
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Chapter 13: Distribution and Diffusion of Arterial Solution
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Chapter 14: Cavity Embalming
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Chapter 15: Treatments after Arterial Injection
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Chapter 16: General Body Considerations
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Chapter 17: Preparation of Autopsied Bodies
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Chapter 18: Preparation of Organ and Tissue Donors
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Chapter 19: Delayed Embalming
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Chapter 20: Discolorations
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Chapter 21: Moisture Considerations
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Chapter 22: Vascular Considerations
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Chapter 23: Effect of Drugs on the Embalming Process
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Chapter 24: Selected Conditions
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Chapter 25: Embalming for Delayed Viewing, Re-embalming of the Body, Embalming for Shipping, and Shipped-In Bodies
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Summary of Guidelines Submitted to OSHA from the National Funeral Directors Assocation Committee on Infectious Disease
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Armed Services Specification for Mortuary Services (Care of Remains of Deceased Personnel and Regular and Port of Entry Requirements for Caskets and Shipping Cases). Appendix D, Federal Acquisition Regulation AR 638-2.9, February 1996
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Identification: An Essential Part of What We Do
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The Mathematics of Embalming Chemistry: Part I. A Critical Evaluation of "One-Bottle" Embalming Chemical Claims
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The Measurement of Formaldehyde Retention In the Tissues of Embalmed Bodies
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The Two-Year Fix: Long-Term Preservation for Delayed Viewing
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Occupational Exposure to Formaldehyde in Mortuaries
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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Formaldehyde (Is It Good or Is It Evil?)
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The Preparation Room: Ventilation
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Risk of Infection and Tracking of Work-related Infectious Diseases in the Funeral Industry
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Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Personnel Section 3 - Information for Embalmers
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Hepatitis from A to G
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The Increase in MRSA and VRE
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The Antimicrobial Activity of Embalming Chemicals and Topical Disinfectants on the Microbial Flora of Human Remains
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The Microbiologic Evaluation and Enumeration of Postmortem Specimens from Human Remains
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Professional Hair Care for Human Remains
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Enhance Emaciated Features Arterially Using Split Injection and Restricted Drainage
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Embalming - United Kingdom and European
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The Art of Embalming and its Purpose
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Chapter 12 Quiz
Vascular injection from two or mo...,
Method of injection wherein both ...,
Fluids follow this
10  cards
Chapter 13 Quiz
The amount of pressure produced b...,
The embalming solution that leave...,
The difference between potential ...
10  cards
Chapter 14 Quiz
Withdrawal of gas fluids and semi...,
Repeat aspiration of a cavity,
Postmortem evacuation of any subs...
10  cards
Chapter 15 Quiz
The chemicals used for surface em...,
These sutures are temporary and a...,
Two types of supplemental embalmi...
10  cards
Chapter 16 Quiz
A fetus that dies prior to delive...,
The two most commonly used inject...,
An extravascular irregularly shap...
10  cards
Chapter 17 Quiz
Removal of the brain only,
A medicolegal autopsy,
By definition only 1 body cavity ...
10  cards
Chapter 19 Quiz
The separation of compounds into ...,
Self destruction of cells,
Loss of moisture from body tissue...
10  cards
Chapter 20 Quiz
Postmortem stain,
Carbon monoxide poisoning
10  cards
Chapter 21 Quiz
Accumulation of the serous fluids...,
Abnormal accumulation of the cere...,
Abnormal accumulation of fluid in...
10  cards
Chapter 22 Quiz
The congealing of blood in an artery,
Pressure on the outside of an art...,
Dilation of a blood vessel
10  cards
Chapter 23 Quiz
High levels of radiation can occur,
Defined as the amount of radioact...,
The mc level of any radioactive i...
5  cards
Mid-Term: Chapters 1 - 18
The size of the vessel and the de...,
Embalming of the arm leg or side ...,
Which of the following techniques...
109  cards
This is a very large discoloration,
Hydrocele is edema of the,
Hypostasis of blood is which colo...
200  cards
Embalming: History, Theory, and Practice Glossary
Nine regions of the abdomen as de...,
Indicates horizontal imaginary pl...,
Indicates sagittal imaginary plan...
22  cards

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