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Vocabulary A
Nine region plan by means of four...,
Antemortem injuries resulting fro...,
A localized accumulation of pus
93  cards
Vocabulary B
The presence of bacteria in the b...,
Destructive to bacteria,
Destruction of bacteria by action...
38  cards
Vocabulary C
General deterioration of the body...,
Dead human body used for medical ...,
A cancer causing chemical or mate...
95  cards
Vocabulary D
Italian sculptor and painted prod...,
Irreversible cessation of all vit...,
A list of dead to be prayed for
62  cards
Vocabulary E
Extravasation of blood into a tissue,
A disease of the skin characteriz...,
Record of the electrical activity...
52  cards
Vocabulary F, G
Expression or appearance of the f...,
A microorganism that prefers an e...,
An organism that prefers an oxyge...
44  cards
Vocabulary H, I
Equipment used to dry the hair of...,
An incision on the surface of the...,
Preparation room item used for sc...
100  cards
Vocabulary J,L,M,N
Conditions characterized by expre...,
A special vascular fluid with spe...,
Tubular instrument of varying dia...
82  cards
Vocabulary O,P
Abnormal amount of fat on the body,
Slanting or inclined neither perp...,
Reasonably anticipated skin eye m...
114  cards
Vocabulary R,S
The supervisor in an institution ...,
A chemical element that is simila...,
A chemical element that is simila...
90  cards
Vocabular T, U, V, W
A brown or black band of discolor...,
Minute petechial hemorrhages caus...,
Chemicals which will affect adver...
64  cards
A motorized injector used to crea...,
Apparatus that is connected to th...,
A device that uses a motor to cre...
35  cards
A tube used to inject embalming f...,
An embalming instrument that is u...,
An embalming instrument that is u...
28  cards
Instruments are soaked in a chemi...,
Two types of powders 1 preservati...,
Chemical in powder form typically...
35  cards
Embalming Lab Manual Powerpoint
Father of modern us embalming,
Father of embalming,
Going towards the middle of the b...
109  cards
Lab Manual - Origins and guides of arteries and veins
Accessibility proximity of the ao...,
Superficial or deep relationship ...,
Injection site as close to arch o...
121  cards
Lab Manual 2- Factors for selection of arteries, techniques
Age sex weight fat distribution d...,
Infant descending abdominal aorta...,
Females if low cut shirt not the ...
43  cards
Characteristics of Arteries, Veins and Nerves
Tunica intima inner layer tunica ...,
Three heavy coats thick walled,
Usually accompanied by vein and n...
32  cards
Abdominal Regions
Division of abdomen nine regions ...,
Right hypochondriac epigastric le...,
Right lumbar lateral umbilical le...
15  cards
Trocar Guides - stuff
A hole is made with a sharpened t...,
If the trocar cannot penetrate th...,
Direct trocar point toward the in...
18  cards
Vocab for Exam 2
Soft whitish crumbly or greasy ma...,
In the presence of free oxygen,
Intravascular the increase of vis...
150  cards
List Questions: Exam 3
1 to affirm that the individual i...,
1 keep the body covered as practi...,
1 that a dead human body not enda...
22  cards
Vocab for Exam 3
Relaxation phase of the heart act...,
Decomposition of proteins by enzy...,
A specific antibody acting destru...
100  cards
Mors 111 Lecture Notes
Embalming is an art form it is no...,
The embalmer is the creator of il...,
Embalming is the process designed...
93  cards
MORS 11 Lecture- vocab and additional notes
A non toxic disinfectant suitable...,
Freedom from infection and from a...,
An agonal bacterial invasion of t...
129  cards
Identification for test 3
Stabilized hydrogen peroxide,
Hydrogen cyanide,
Bichloride of mercury
26  cards
Death Related Vocab (test 3)
The irreversible total cessation ...,
The death of certain groups of ce...,
The pathological death of certain...
25  cards
List Questions Exam 4
Blood tends to remain very liquid...,
Color odor purge skin slip desqua...,
Edema most common anasarca
8  cards
Vocabulary for Exam 4
Method of mouth closure in which ...,
The movement of the arterial solu...,
Condition in which interstitial s...
100  cards
Exam 4 Identification
Postmortem caloricity postmortem ...,
Algor mortis
16  cards
Exam 4 Lecture Notes - Postmortem Change- Physical change
Have the greatest influence on th...,
General body condition effects of...,
Autolysis postmortem caloricity a...
70  cards
Exam 4 Lecture Notes- Postmortem Chemical Change
Decomposition fermentation saccha...,
Separation of compounds into simi...,
Self destruction of cells decompo...
68  cards
Identification 2 for test 4
Ammonia compounds,
21  cards
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors Governing Decomposition
Age sex corpulence cause and mann...,
Air moisture temperature bacteria...,
Decompose very slowly because of ...
35  cards
Order of Decomposition
Carbohydrates proteins fats firm ...,
Infantil brain lining of the lary...,
The first body compound to decompose
32  cards
Last of the Lecture notes for 111 (exam 4)
One of the basic necessities for ...,
Adipose tissue formation facial f...,
A fetus dies in the uterus and re...
71  cards
Mors 113 Vocab: Exam 2
Tissue that circulates through th...,
Apparatus used to inject arterial...,
The amount of pressure produced b...
99  cards
Vocab for Exam 2 MORS 113
An embalming instrument for aspir...,
A preparation room instrument use...,
Substance able to destroy lice
150  cards
MORS 113: Muscle Facts (Little Blue Book)
Refers to the study of the muscul...,
Make up about 45 of body weight r...,
The ability to contract and cause...
51  cards
Main Muscle Groups (Little Blue Book)
The most significant muscles of t...,
Draws the corners of the mouth ou...,
Involved in puckering the lips an...
59  cards
Tables From the Little Blue Book
Raises the eyebrows of the nose area,
Draws the scalp back,
Closes the eye
48  cards
Embalming Process (test 2- mors 113)
Wear double latex or nitril glove...,
This may include a full gown or b...,
Disposable lab clothing is even b...
67  cards
Part 2- Embalming Process
Open thoracic abdominal pubic and...,
Open viscera with long scissors o...,
Prepare solution in machine and c...
58  cards
Lecture Notes - Exam 3 MORS 113
The sum total of those considerat...,
Pre embalming analysis analysis d...,
Should be documented in report form
94  cards
Lecture Notes- Continued MORS 113
Disinfection of oral and nasal ca...,
These medical devices are removed...,
Should be documented in a permane...
116  cards
Fun Facts- Circulatory System- Test 3 and 4
Also known as the mitral valve,
The study of blood,
Plasma formed elements blood cell...
34  cards
Blood Tracing- Heart
Blood entering the heart flows in...,
From the right atrium the blood p...,
The blood flows throught the tric...
19  cards
Blood Tracing- Nourishing the Heart
The aorta arises from the left ve...,
Ascending aorta,
The ascending aorta has two small...
7  cards
Blood Tracing- Upper Extremities
The arch of the aorta contains th...,
The second branch of the aortic a...,
The third branch of the aortic ar...
31  cards
Blood Tracing- Head and Neck
The first artery in the arch of t...,
The innominate artery subdivides ...,
The right and left common carotid...
17  cards
Blood Tracing- Circle of Willis
The ____ is supplied with blood b...,
The right common carotid artery a...,
The right and left vertebral arte...
21  cards
Vocabulary for Exam 3- MORS 113
The concentrated preservative emb...,
Condition in which the manifestat...,
The mouth and the vestibule or th...
99  cards
Lecture notes 3- MORS 113
The type of casket and local cust...,
Should be kept as close to the si...,
The hands can be _______
73  cards
Pressure - Exam 4 MORS 113
The force required to destribute ...,
With any mechanical injector desi...,
Actual blood differential injecti...
101  cards
Dilution, Distribution and Diffusion
The dilution of the concentrated ...,
Normally it is the further diluti...,
Body conditions will vary from ex...
85  cards
Vocabulary for Exam 4- MORS 113
Method of drainage in which the d...,
Substances that bind metallic ion...,
A chemical capable of drying tiss...
175  cards
Blood Tracing- The Thoracic Aorta
As the aorta leaves the heart the...,
The throacic aorta has many small...,
The visceral arteries branching f...
16  cards
Blood Tracing- The Abdominal Aorta
As the blood leaves the heart it ...,
The first group of arteries exten...,
The veins which recieve the blood...
41  cards
Blood Tracing- The Lower Extremities
At its terminal end the abdominal...,
The external iliac artery extends...,
At the back of the knee the femor...
27  cards
Cavity Treatment
The direct treatment other than b...,
Direct treatment other than vascu...,
Embalming chemicals which are inj...
72  cards
A postmortem examination of the o...,
Hospital medical examiner medico ...,
Needs written permission concerne...
32  cards

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