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Chemistry Compend- True or False
Embalming fluid is a compound,
Normal body temperature is consid...,
The rate of diffusion is increase...
215  cards
Chemistry Compend- Multiple Choice
Solutions that have the same osmo...,
Fundamental types of matter that ...,
Acidity or alkalinity
327  cards
Chemistry Compend- Matching
An amine produced in putrefaction,
Final products of hydrolysis of p...,
Final products of the hydrolysis ...
138  cards
NBE Study Guide Chemistry Questions
A liquid containing a dissolved s...,
When used in arterial formuations...,
A substance that prevents infecti...
29  cards
Chemistry Vocabulary
A substance that yields hydrogen ...,
Self digestion or self destructio...,
The same as one thousandth of a l...
280  cards
Chemistry Packet
Group of chemicals used in additi...,
Chemicals added to the embalming ...,
Fluid injected for purposes other...
101  cards
Math- May be on every test
Strength of concentrated fluid index,
Volume in ounces of concentrated ...,
Strength of diluted fluid index i...
16  cards
Microbiology Vocabulary
Oval bacterium that is intermedia...,
A condition in which there are no...,
A visible mass of bacteria growin...
388  cards
Microbiology Packet
Mutual opposition or contrary act...,
The symbiotic relationship of two...,
The relationship in which two org...
75  cards
Microbiology NBE Study Guide
Mutual opposition or contrary act...,
Failure of a tissue or an organ t...,
Self nourishing bacteria
53  cards
Microbiology Compend- Multiple Choice
Vaccines bring about a type of im...,
The type of immunity which is the...,
The serum derived from an animal ...
316  cards
Microbiology Compend- True or False
Pneumococci are encapsulated when...,
Lobar pneumonia may be prevented ...,
Gonococci can live for long perio...
227  cards
Microbiology Compend- Matching
Cause of plague,
Cause of puerperal fever,
Cause of syphilis
130  cards
Pathology Vocabulary
Prefix that means without or not,
Decrease in such as in pain,
An excoriation a circumscribed re...
407  cards
Pathology Compend- Multiple Choice
The study of the changes of struc...,
That branch of pathology dealing ...,
The division of pathology that de...
267  cards
Pathology Compend- True or False
Pathology is the study of the ori...,
Pathological anatomy is the study...,
Clinical pathology includes the s...
204  cards
Pathology Compend- Matching
A disease the results from the la...,
A disease that originates before ...,
A disease that is caused by patho...
219  cards
Pathology Packet
An excoriation a circumscribed ro...,
A tear or torn wound,
Localized accumulation of pus
32  cards
Pathology NBE Study Guide
Deterioration or impairment of an...,
Deformation abnormal shape or str...,
Tissue reaction to an injury atro...
14  cards
Without or not,
54  cards
37  cards
Anatomy Vocabulary A-B
How much blood is in the average ...,
Olfactory odor optic light and co...,
Body area between the diaphragm a...
124  cards
12 Cranial Nerves
Light and color,
Vertical and horizontal eye movement
12  cards
Anatomy Vocabulary C-D
Tendon that attaches the calf mus...,
The posterior lower leg,
Cup shaped division of the renal ...
122  cards
Anatomy Vocab E-I
The organ of hearing,
Abnormal accumulation of tissue f...,
Muscle or gland capable of being ...
108  cards
Anatomy Vocabulary J-O
The portion of the small intestin...,
The point of juncture between two...,
101  cards
Anatomy Vocabulary P-S
The palm of the hand,
Roof of the mouth,
One of the bones forming the post...
123  cards
Anatomy Vocabulary T-Z
T lymphocyte that directly kills ...,
Pertaining to the ankle,
Pertaining to the sides of the skull
73  cards
Abdominal Sections/ Femoral Triangle
Part of the liver part of the rig...,
Stomach cardiac and pyloric orifi...,
Left lobe of the liver fundus of ...
14  cards
Anatomy Compend- Multiple Choice Part 1
The study of the structure of the...,
Which of these blood vessels is c...,
A term that suggests a location c...
230  cards
Anatomy Compend- Multiple Choice Part 2
Which of the following is a divis...,
The branches of the aorta that su...,
The left margin of the stomach le...
225  cards
Blood Tracing- Nourishing the Heart
The aorta arises from the left ve...,
Ascending aorta,
The ascending aorta has two small...
7  cards
Blood Tracing- The Heart
Blood entering the heart flows in...,
From the right atrium the blood p...,
The blood flows throught the tric...
19  cards
Blood Tracing- Upper Extremities
The arch of the aorta contains th...,
The second branch of the aortic a...,
The third branch of the aortic ar...
31  cards
Blood Tracing- Head and Neck
The first artery in the arch of t...,
The innominate artery subdivides ...,
The right and left common carotid...
17  cards
Blood Tracing- Circle of Willis
The ____ is supplied with blood b...,
The right common carotid artery a...,
The right and left vertebral arte...
21  cards
Blood Tracing- Throacic Aorta
As the aorta leaves the heart the...,
The throacic aorta has many small...,
The visceral arteries branching f...
16  cards
Blood Tracing- Abdominal Aorta
As the blood leaves the heart it ...,
The first group of arteries exten...,
The veins which recieve the blood...
41  cards
Blood Tracing- Lower Extremities
At its terminal end the abdominal...,
The external iliac artery extends...,
At the back of the knee the femor...
27  cards
Anatomy Compend- Matching
The ducts which convey ova,
The duct which conveys spermatozoa,
Membranous sac which contains the...
203  cards
Fun Facts About the Vessels
Also known as the mitral valve,
The study of blood,
Plasma formed elements blood cell...
34  cards
Anatomy Packet
Of or toward the side opposite of...,
Of or toward the middle opposite ...,
In the midline of the body
83  cards
NBE Study Guide
A line drawn or visualized on the...,
The two divisions of the skeleton...,
The study of the circulatory syst...
10  cards
Restorative Art Vocab A-B
Antemortem and or postmortem inju...,
A localized accumulation of pus,
The process of taking in as in a ...
131  cards
Restorative Art Vocab C
General deterioration of the body...,
The term used to refer to a decea...,
1 several communicating boils of ...
129  cards
Restorative Art Vocab D-E
A wall of clay or cardboard to co...,
Separation of the head from the b...,
Separation of compounds into simp...
99  cards
Restorative Art Vocab F-H
Anatomically the region from the ...,
Any unusual disfigurements or irr...,
Those markings found on the face ...
100  cards
Restorative Art Vocab I-L
Giving or casting of light,
The illumination resulting from t...,
Light rays which fall upon an object
91  cards
Restorative Art Vocab M-O
In its broadest sense refers to t...,
A spot of discoloration level wit...,
A red purple or purplish red eg a...
119  cards
Restorative Art Vocab P-Q
Liquids or els usually available ...,
Roof of the mouth,
One of the bones forming the post...
96  cards
Restorative Art Vocab R-S
Trade name from french for a crea...,
Energy traveling through space in...,
To spread out from a common point
135  cards
Restorative Art Vocab T-Z
A synonym for needle injector a s...,
Touching at a single point,
A form which receded away from a ...
107  cards
Restorative Art Compend- Multiple Choice Part 1
The care of the deceased to recre...,
The study of the face and its fea...,
Protrustion of the jaws prognathi...
235  cards
Restorative Art Compend- Multiple Choice Part 2
The lower one third of the ears l...,
Eyes sunken in the eye sockets ca...,
Emaciation occurring at the borde...
236  cards
Restorative Art Compend- Matching
Upper jaw,
Base of the cranium
161  cards
Forms of the Head
Consists of a large rounded cranium,
Submandibular area rounding upwar...,
The nose is likely to be long and...
51  cards
The Color Wheel
Red yellow and blue,
A hue made by mixing 2 primary co...,
Red orange yellow green blue indi...
13  cards
Classic Proportions
Divides the cranium from the face...,
Applied to a verical measurement,
Applied to a transverse measurement
10  cards
Forms of the Facial Profile
From the side view there are thre...,
Denote the relationship of the fo...,
Described by its direction from t...
14  cards
Restorative Art Powerpoint
Antemortem and or postmortem inju...,
An irregularly torn or jagged wou...,
To make a cut into the skin
160  cards
Embalming Vocab A
Nine region plan by means of four...,
Antemortem injuries resulting fro...,
A localized accumulation of pus
93  cards
Embalming Vocab B
The presence of bacteria in the b...,
Destructive to bacteria,
Destruction of bacteria by action...
38  cards
Embalming Vocab C
General deterioration of the body...,
Dead human body used for medical ...,
A cancer causing chemical or mate...
95  cards
Embalming Vocab D
Italian sculptor and painted prod...,
Irreversible cessation of all vit...,
A list of dead to be prayed for
62  cards
Embalming Vocab E
Extravasation of blood into a tissue,
A disease of the skin characteriz...,
Record of the electrical activity...
52  cards
Embalming Vocab F-G
Expression or appearance of the f...,
A microorganism that prefers an e...,
An organism that prefers an oxyge...
44  cards
Embalming Vocab H-I
Equipment used to dry the hair of...,
An incision on the surface of the...,
Preparation room item used for sc...
100  cards
Embalming Vocab J-N
Conditions characterized by expre...,
A special vascular fluid with spe...,
Tubular instrument of varying dia...
82  cards
Embalming Vocab O-P
Abnormal amount of fat on the body,
Slanting or inclined neither perp...,
Reasonably anticipated skin eye m...
114  cards
Embalming Vocab R-S
The supervisor in an institution ...,
A chemical element that is simila...,
A chemical element that is simila...
90  cards
Embalming Vocab T-W
A brown or black band of discolor...,
Minute petechial hemorrhages caus...,
Chemicals which will affect adver...
64  cards
Embalming Compend Multiple Choice Part 1
A method of obtaining pressure fo...,
Which of the following is not a m...,
An instrument which is inserted i...
201  cards
Embalming Compend Multiple Choice Part 2
The passing of solvent through a ...,
The postmortem evacuation of any ...,
The injection pressure which just...
201  cards
Embalming Compend- Matching
Edema in the abdominal cavity,
Edema in the pleural cavity,
Edema in the scrotum
164  cards
Signs of Distribution or Diffusion
Fluid dye distension of superfici...,
Dyes in tissues firming of tissue...,
Fluorescent dye observed using bl...
17  cards
Embalming NBE Study Guide
A process of chemically treating ...,
The irreversible cessation of all...,
Those changes occurring in the in...
26  cards
Psychology Vocabulary
A formal act or observance that m...,
From the latin to know the study ...,
Related to specific situations in...
194  cards
Sociology Vocabulary
The reduction of a dead human rem...,
The tendency of off spring to mov...,
Must behavior which dictates the ...
65  cards
Must know Information- Kicker Chapter 11
Caskets outer burial containers u...,
Based on evaluation of sales hist...,
Any merchandising plan is only as...
79  cards
Samples for Simple Math Problems
The beginning balance in the supp...,
A plant asset was purchased by th...,
At the end of the month a funeral...
18  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising Vocabulary
An environmentally safe casket wh...,
A service commemorating the decea...,
A casket having ends in the shape...
197  cards
Cremation Vocabulary
Test conducted by federal state o...,
Hearth on which drying or combust...,
All gases which leave the cremato...
49  cards
Funeral Service Law Vocabulary
A federal statute prohibiting dis...,
One of the categories required to...,
The legal term for the dead human...
177  cards
Business Law Vocabulary
The authority an agent is believe...,
A creation of the tax codes in wh...,
A business owned by one person wh...
173  cards
Funeral Directing Vocab 1
In the jehovahs witness faith the...,
An honorary title conferred upon ...,
An excavation in the earth as a p...
205  cards
Funeral Directing Vocab 2
A person publicly unassailable ou...,
A term for the person in the firm...,
An arrangement of flowers either ...
54  cards
Funeral Directing Vocab 3
A public transportation business ...,
A lifeless human body or parts of...,
Registration of a birth at or aft...
55  cards
Funeral Directing Vocab 4
Rate of occurrence of accidents e...,
An even that is caused by the for...,
A person trained in mathematics w...
77  cards
Chapter 9 Vocabulary- Discovering Psychology
The branch of psychology that stu...,
Research strategy in which a vari...,
Research strategy in which indivi...
54  cards
Chapter 9 Notes- Discovering Psychology
Unique combination of genes inher...,
The study of how people change ps...,
Biological environmental social c...
132  cards
Vocab- Chapters 11-12 (and some from FSPAC)
A negative emotional state occurr...,
Developed by richard lazarus a mo...,
If we perceive our resources as a...
81  cards
Chapter 11 Notes- Discovering Psychology
Being alone in the presence of ot...,
Take a consistent form in diverse...,
Plays a key role in how you act i...
93  cards
Chapter 12 Notes- Discovering Psychology
These factors make major contribu...,
Poverty discrimination lack of ac...,
Stress depression psychological d...
118  cards
Chapter 14 Vocabulary- Discovering Psychology
The treatment of emotional behavi...,
The use of medications electrocon...,
Holds an academic doctorate phd p...
45  cards
Chapter 14 Notes- Discovering Psychology
Troubling thoughts feelings or be...,
Drugs that are used to treat psyc...,
Developed psychoanalysis in the e...
45  cards
Communications Compend
A speech that is delivered word f...,
The process of pronouncing all of...,
The study of body movement gestur...
57  cards
Ethics Compend
Which of the following would be a...,
Which of the following is a rule ...,
Which of the following is conside...
80  cards
Psychology and Counseling Compend
The science of human behavior psy...,
The modern definition of psycholo...,
Crying emotion external reponse t...
82  cards
Sociology Compend
A behavior which dictates the ind...,
A ribbon cutting at the opening o...,
A baptism could best be described...
112  cards
Klicker- Funeral Service Psychology and Counseling
The study of human behavior a com...,
The study of human behavior as it...,
Needs a thorough understanding of...
71  cards
Klicker 2
1 normal coping behavior2 number ...,
Past coping behaviors anger physi...,
Grief can be cumulative a person ...
68  cards
Klicker 3
True or false it is estimated tha...,
True or false it is estimated tha...,
True or false childrens grief mig...
33  cards
Klicker 4
A non judgemental short term help...,
A specialty in general counseling...,
Specialized techniques that are u...
62  cards
Klicker 5
A temporary period of heightened ...,
The immediate assessment and shor...,
Short term usually four to six we...
50  cards
Counseling NBE Study Guide
Carl rogers is well known fo rhis...,
A person who expresses anxiety an...,
Which of the following is a deter...
24  cards
Chapter 8 Management- Cremation
Cremation began at this time arou...,
In this era 1 000bc the practice ...,
Cremation was the predominant mod...
67  cards
Chapter 9- Management Pre-Need
Not new to the 21st century roots...,
Pre funded funeral arrangements p...,
Those funeral arrangements
39  cards
Chapter 10- Caskets and Vaults
0  cards
Chapter 11- Merchandising- Management
Caskets outer burial containers u...,
Based on evaluation of sales hist...,
Any merchandising plan is only as...
79  cards
Chapter 12 Klicker- Shipping Human Remains- Management
0  cards
Chapter 14- Cemetery/Mausoleum- Management
Throughout history this has been ...,
The only two places many people f...,
People want to be remembered afte...
61  cards
Chapter 16- Management
The act of motivating people towa...,
Achieving the goals of a funeral ...,
To meet the death related needs o...
25  cards

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