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Vocab 1
A body of enforceable rules gover...,
The state of being legally respon...,
A document that establishes the l...
46  cards
Vocab 2
A system of government in which t...,
The principal under which the pow...,
The provision in article 1 sectio...
15  cards
Vocab 3
The process by which a court deci...,
The authority of court to hear an...,
A state statute that permits a st...
48  cards
Vocab 4
A wrongful act other than a breac...,
A monetary award sought as a reme...,
A monetary award equivalent to th...
43  cards
Vocab 10
A declaration that binds a person...,
A person who makes a promise,
A person to whom a promise is made
22  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 1
Consists of th rules and principa...,
Provides rights and places duties...,
State laws and regulations case l...
24  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 2
Specifically the dead body of a h...,
Occurs when life ceases which tak...,
For legal or medical purposes an ...
22  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 3
Right of custody right to control...,
The party who legally undertakes ...,
Would be empty and meaningless wi...
43  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 4
The widespread adaptation by stat...,
A mechanism for an individual to ...,
One of the primary components of ...
28  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 5
Statutory laws of the state requi...,
Permits health laws and regulations,
The funeral director is required ...
38  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 6
The care of the family and the pr...,
The estate of the decedent the su...,
Primary obligor reasonableness of...
36  cards
Additional notes for test 2
Consists of the rules and princip...,
Crimes common law statute classif...,
Tort intentional negligence stric...
37  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 7
A growing acceptance by the publi...,
Cremation is irreversible this ir...,
One of the keys to protecting the...
32  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 8
The removal of a dead body or rem...,
In most jurisdictions there is a ...,
Even the person with ____ ____ _ ...
27  cards
Titles 5.509, 5.510, 5-502
Disposition of body other than by...,
Any individual who is 18 years of...,
In order to be valid any document...
17  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 9
A fixed place for the conducting ...,
Depends upon the activities carri...,
Just as this authorizes the licen...
56  cards
Titles 5-503, 5-511, 5-512, 7-406, 7-505 and 10- 402
Reliance on authorizing agents re...,
A practitioner and an operator of...,
A practitioner and an operator of...
21  cards
Title 5- Test 4
Body means a dead human body,
Notwithstanding any other law a p...
112  cards
Mortuary Law, Chapter 11
Covers three areas of employment ...,
Enforced by the flsa its responsi...,
The enforcement officers may reco...
59  cards
Preneed Funeral Contracts- Mortuary Law Chapter 10
Contracts entered into between me...,
Typically prefunds the contract e...,
The funeral home carries out the ...
62  cards
Title 7
An individual licensed by the boa...,
A person who is a licensed mortic...,
The maryland state board of morti...
80  cards
Title 7 Continued- Maryland Morticians and Funeral Directors Act
Apprentice or funeral driector li...,
An individual shall obtain an app...,
An applicant for a mortician appr...
82  cards
More Title 7
Denials reprimands suspensions an...,
Except as otherwise provided in t...,
The board shall give notice and h...
88  cards

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