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Business Law Vocabulary
The authority an agent is believe...,
A creation of the tax codes in wh...,
A business owned by one person wh...
173  cards
Mortuary Law Vocabulary
A federal statute prohibiting dis...,
One of the categories required to...,
The legal term for the dead human...
177  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 1
Consists of th rules and principa...,
Provides rights and places duties...,
State laws and regulations case l...
24  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 2
Specifically the dead body of a h...,
Occurs when life ceases which tak...,
For legal or medical purposes an ...
22  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 3
Right of custody right to control...,
The party who legally undertakes ...,
Would be empty and meaningless wi...
43  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 4
The widespread adaptation by stat...,
A mechanism for an individual to ...,
One of the primary components of ...
28  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 5
Statutory laws of the state requi...,
Permits health laws and regulations,
The funeral director is required ...
38  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 6
The care of the family and the pr...,
The estate of the decedent the su...,
Primary obligor reasonableness of...
36  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 7
A growing acceptance by the publi...,
Cremation is irreversible this ir...,
One of the keys to protecting the...
32  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 8
The removal of a dead body or rem...,
In most jurisdictions there is a ...,
Even the person with ____ ____ _ ...
27  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 9
A fixed place for the conducting ...,
Depends upon the activities carri...,
Just as this authorizes the licen...
56  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 10
Contracts entered into between me...,
Typically prefunds the contract e...,
The funeral home carries out the ...
62  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 11
Covers three areas of employment ...,
Enforced by the flsa its responsi...,
The enforcement officers may reco...
59  cards
OSHA- General Information/Introduction
Makes the us occupational safety ...,
Employers to furnish,
All employers in the united state...
69  cards
OSHA- Hazard Communication Standard
Prior to federal action many stat...,
Preempts state right to know laws,
Have been established for the han...
26  cards
OSHA- Formaldehyde Standard
Pel permissble exposure limit for...,
Monitoring accuracy documentation,
Shall be monitored for initial co...
59  cards
OSHA- Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
Embalmer apprentice intern studen...,
Engaged in embalming disinfection...,
Engaged in removing puching and t...
41  cards
Mortuary Law Compend- Multiple Choice
When a funeral director has a dea...,
When a funeral director has the p...,
A person appointed by the court t...
224  cards
Mortuary Law Compend- Matching
Stare decisisa unwritten lawb sta...,
Ordinancea unwritten lawb stand b...,
Common lawa unwritten lawb stand ...
80  cards
Funeral Rule 1-4
When the funeral rule went into e...,
The commission revised the rule e...,
Give customers accurate itemized ...
30  cards
Funeral Rule 5-10
Should be printed or typewritten ...,
The consumers right to select onl...,
In addition to the 6 required dis...
55  cards
Funeral Rule- 11-17
In certain limited situations you...,
Children and infants government a...,
You can list different fees in tw...
55  cards
Funeral Rule 12-22
You must give consumers who telep...,
You cannot requre callers to give...,
You may have this person answerin...
50  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 12
Americans with disabilities act r...,
Funeral homes that employ ___ or ...,
Funeral homes with less than 15 e...
37  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 13
The occupational safety and healt...,
The act created the,
Oshas responsibilities
31  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 14
Funeral rule facts,
Primary purpose of the funeral rule,
Who must abide by the funeral rule
35  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 15
Enacted in the past 2 decades to ...,
Insure that consumers who are pro...,
Required to make disclosures duri...
51  cards
NBE Study Guide Questions
Of the following who has the prim...,
If there is no will the property ...,
In legal terminology a dead human...
31  cards
ADA Packet
Zoning ordinances,
Businesses other than licensed fu...,
Tri state crematory scandle in no...
19  cards
Mortuary Law- Chapter 16
Impose wide ranging requirements ...,
Designed to protect the privacy o...,
Informs consumers about the type ...
25  cards

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