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UC vs Crohns
Transmural inflammation,
Fistula 20,
Peri anal disease 25 total
24  cards
Persistence of the vitello intest...,
Meckels diverticulum,
164  cards
Three types of dermal appendage,
Type of sweat gland affected by h...,
Types of sweat gland
23  cards
Management of fibroadenoma,
Chromosome 17
13  cards
Development of upper parathyroid ...,
Development of the lower parathyr...,
Level of the thyroid glands
42  cards
Pain in the buttock when walking,
Pain in the thigh when walking,
Pain in the calve when walking
14  cards
Risks of cariopulmonary by pass,
Thallium isotope scan,
Graft for coronary bypass
18  cards
Commonest stone type,
Magnesium ammonium phosphate stru...,
Stone 05cm
30  cards
Ventricular system,
Anterior cerebrlal artery supplies,
Middle cerebral artery supplies
44  cards
Blocks il 2r,
Blocks rna dna synthesis,
Inhibits t cells
22  cards
Commonest malignant primary bone ...,
Complications of colles fracture,
Imaging for scaphoid fractures
168  cards
Common organisms in acute otitis ...,
Management of chronic suppurative...,
Causes of sensorineural deafness
27  cards
Stages of damage control surgery ...,
Criteria for damage control suger...,
Permissive hypotension in major t...
81  cards
General physiology
Regulation of body temperature,
Reflex vasoconstriction,
Reflex vasodilatation
11  cards
Resp Physiology
Functions of surfactant,
Conditions that decrease lung com...
32  cards
Cardio physiology
Mechanism of contraction in cardi...,
Cardiac action potential cycle,
Action potential phase 0
47  cards
Gastro Physiology
Enteric nervous system,
Saliva types,
Ductal modifications of saliva
57  cards
Urology physiology
Renal blood flow,
How is the glomerulus in the neph...,
Hydrostatic pressure across bowma...
18  cards
Endo Physiology
Location of the hypothalamus,
Hypophyseal stalk,
Development of anterior pituitary
29  cards
Neuro Physiology
Autoregulation of cbf,
Hyperbaric oxygen and cerebral bl...,
Total volume csf
45  cards
Lines of zahn,
Phlegmasia cerulea dolens,
Sequence of infarction
123  cards
Management hyperpyrexia,
Inidcations for emergency thoraco...,
Definition of flail chest
64  cards
Inhibit enzyme in purine synthesi...,
Mycophenolate motefil,
Non specific blockade of nucleic ...
9  cards
Pre Op
Recent chest infection,
Four metabolic equivalents,
Indications for baseline bloods
25  cards

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