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What is ct,
What is contrast,
What are hounsfield units
39  cards
Surgical management of duodenal p...,
Is histology generally required f...,
Surgical management of bleeding g...
73  cards
What are 4 particular risks to co...,
Specific risks for consent in app...,
Explain 2 methods of obtaining pn...
102  cards
Outline examination of thyroid gland,
What other examination would you ...,
Differentials for diffuse swellin...
30  cards
Anatomy 1
What is the normal neck shaft ang...,
Vascular supply to hip joint,
Why is leg deformed in fracture n...
85  cards
Anaesthetics and Critical Care
What is a biers block good for,
What are the pre requisites for p...,
What pressure would you inflate t...
30  cards
What is the most common type of m...,
Rarer malignant colonic lesions,
Where are majority of colorectal ...
73  cards
Communication and Professionalism
Describe how to examine the abdomen,
Describe how to examine the breast,
Rfs for breast cancer
26  cards
Complications of Surgery
Consider post op pain in tibial o...,
When measuring intracompartmental...,
What are 4 complications of compa...
25  cards
Miscellaneous 1
What are the 4 main risks of iv c...,
What is the annual background rad...,
What frequency would be used to l...
118  cards
Classification Systems and Processes
Outline the process of fracture h...,
Outline the process of fracture h...,
Outline the process of fracture h...
13  cards
Miscellaneous 2
What is gynaecomastia and what ca...,
Key questions in gynaecomastia hi...,
Which testicular issues are assoc...
106  cards
Anatomy PTMRCS
What organs are normally palpable...,
What is the surface marking for t...,
What is the surface marking for t...
163  cards
Anatomy PTMRCS 2
What arteries supply the transver...,
What is the major anastomotic art...,
What arteries are most commonly i...
115  cards
Anatomy PTMRC 3
Surface markings of the heart,
What forms the right heart border...,
What forms the left heart border ...
123  cards
Ackland anatomy
What 2 ligaments join the clavicl...,
What are the motions of the scapula,
Where does the long head of trice...
79  cards
Anatomy PTMRC 4
Describe the makeup of the hip jo...,
What are the 3 ligaments of the h...,
Blood supply to head of femur
120  cards
Miscellaneous 3
Differentials for leukoplakia,
Describe leukoplakia,
What is the significance of leuko...
115  cards
Ackland Anatomy 2
The line between the greater and ...,
Line running down posterior surfa...,
Which bit of pelvis do we sit on
43  cards
Miscellaneous 4
Pathogenesis of calcific aortic s...,
T wave inversion in lateral leads...,
What is aortic sclerosis vs stenosis
148  cards
Misc 5
What is a breast fibroadenoma,
Where are fibroadenomas commonly ...,
Outline breast triple assessment
143  cards
Misc 6
4 examples of primary malignant b...,
Give 6 examples of primairy benig...,
Most common benign bone tumour
127  cards
Misc 7
What is the mechanism behind dilu...,
3 ways in which patients lose hea...,
Normal response to hypothermia
132  cards
Misc 8
What are the 4 subtriangles of th...,
What are the 2 subtriagnels of th...,
What innervates omohyoid
121  cards
Misc 9
What are isolated juvenile polyps...,
Lynch syndrome carries risk of wh...,
What is the nerve supply to the o...
52  cards

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