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Block Introduction
What are the two main virulence f...,
Streptococcus pneumoniae is _____...,
How can children younger than two...
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Block Intro
Recall that endotoxin is only fou...,
What surface protein is only foun...,
Which two bacteria do not gram st...
15  cards
Antimicrobials I
One good principle to keep in min...,
What is pae,
Interestingly all of the broad sp...
49  cards
Gamma hemolysis is ______________,
Incomplete hemolysis is also call...,
Complete hemolysis is also referr...
40  cards
What is the 10 000 foot view of t...,
True or false staphylococci are f...,
Catalase positive organisms will ...
22  cards
Small Group: Cellulitis, Necrotizing Fasciitis, Bacteremia, and Endocarditis
What is arteriovenous nicking on ...,
___________ can often rupture and...,
In addition to having a sharper b...
19  cards
Enteric Bacteria I and II
Diarrheal diseases are a much big...,
Which bacteria causes the most di...,
What is the main route of enteric...
50  cards
Lab: Enteric Unknown I
What is the utility of the maccon...,
What is a smac agar,
Fecal leukocytes are typically fo...
3  cards
Intracellular Bacterial Infection
Listerias ability to enter cells ...,
Listeria monocytogenes is _______...,
Obligate intracellular pathogens ...
24  cards
Rota, Calici, Viral Diarrhea
What are the classic symptoms of ...,
Viral diarrheas typically have __...,
Viral diarrhea is typically trans...
44  cards
Small Group: Gastroenteritis and Diarrhea
What is the technical definition ...,
Which parts of the gi tract are u...,
What kind of diarrhea does giardi...
9  cards
ID HPV, Warts, and Cervical Cancer
What percent of cancers are due t...,
Hpv causes how many deaths annually,
Describe the structure of hpv
25  cards
All herpes infections begin with ...,
After primary infection herpes vi...,
Lytic replication can manifest as...
57  cards
Bacterial STDs
What is the etymology of the term...,
List the prevalence of stds in th...,
______________ is a facultative i...
54  cards
Review Session
Know the vaccine schedules includ...,
Give a rundown on rotavirus,
Give a rundown on hpv
21  cards
Small Group: STDs, UTIs, and PID
What is the adnexa,
What diagnostic test is best at d...,
Urinary catheters are usually col...
10  cards
Immune Deficiency and Defense
Immunodeficiency results in the i...,
What is a normal incidence of inf...,
What are some clues to immunodefi...
18  cards
Immunodeficiency Cases
What are trecs,
What lab technique is used to cou...,
Naive t cells will have __________
12  cards
Human Retroviruses
What are hervs,
The gag pol precursor ultimately ...,
What are ltrs
25  cards
Currently the bulk of hiv infecti...,
What are the first symptoms of im...,
Those who cannot be infected with...
18  cards
HIV ARS: Diagnosis and Management
Pneumoncytis jirovecii causes wha...,
The best antibiotic for pneumocys...,
Fourth generation hiv testing has...
13  cards
Antiretroviral Agents
If you get stuck with a needle th...,
What is considered the backbone o...,
What is the only fusion inhibitor
26  cards
Pneumonia is defined as _________...,
About how many pneumonia deaths o...,
Pneumonia kills more children tha...
16  cards
Encapsulated Bacterial Pathogens
Haemophilus influenzae grows on _...,
H influenzae grows near _________...,
Virulent strains of streptococcus...
14  cards
Mycobacterial Diseases I
One of the reasons people came to...,
All mycobacteria are _______________,
Mycobacteria are said to have a _...
40  cards
Mycobacterial Diseases II
Why is the bcg vaccine still so w...,
Which mycobacterium likes to grow...,
How is m leprae transmitted
5  cards
Antimicrobials II
How many people die each year fro...,
What is the prevalence of tb in t...,
Resistance is most common in whic...
21  cards
Opportunistic Infections
Almost all bacteria need iron for...,
Which form of iron is insoluble,
The _________ form of iron is red
9  cards
Respiratory Viruses I, II, & III
In general symptoms from a viral ...,
Name the viral syndrome based on ...,
What viruses most commonly infect...
50  cards
Viral Diagnostics
What is cpe,
What is hemadsorption,
How is the hemadsorption test mod...
14  cards
Small Group: Respiratory Infections I
Runny nose is more typical of ___...,
What are the most common causes o...,
What can cause dry mucous membranes
8  cards
Small Group: HIV and Immunocompromised Patients
What treatment is given to those ...,
Those with cgd will have granulom...,
Shingles is most commonly seen __...
3  cards
Toxigenic Bacteria
How many cases of c diphtheriae a...,
What does the fall of the ussr re...,
What are signs of c diphtheriae i...
25  cards
Mycoplasma is said to have a ____...,
Most mycoplasma have a fried egg ...,
What kind of uris does mycoplasma...
25  cards
Small Group: Respiratory Infections and Anaerobic Infections
What is the sensitivity of ppd,
Dont forget that an afb positive ...,
What is the mortality of someone ...
9  cards
What is one of the first steps in...,
How common is sepsis,
The mortality of sepsis is about ...
20  cards
Zoonotic Bacterial Diseases
Zoonotic bacteria are typically a...,
What does the word abattoir mean,
What animal carries the plague
39  cards
Which kind of lice carry ricketts...,
Rickettsia stain poorly with ____...,
True or false weil felix media is...
17  cards
Anaerobes form the main component...,
List the most common anaerobes in...,
Why is oxygen toxic to obligate a...
17  cards
Zoonotic Viral Diseases
Over half of all human pathogens ...,
Most zoonotic diseases are ______...,
Hantavirus is also called _______...
19  cards
Arboviral Diseases
Nearly all arboviruses have _____...,
In most cases humans are just ___...,
True or false once a mosquito has...
26  cards
Review Session
Name two toxoid vaccines,
Name three vaccines to polysaccha...,
The influenza vaccine generates a...
25  cards
Mycology I and II - Introduction to Medical Mycology and Opportunistic Invasive Fungi
Fungi are in the kingdom ________...,
Fungi are considered ________ trophs,
Germ tubes ultimately become ____...
45  cards
Medical Mycology III - Dimorphic Fungi
Why did dimorphic fungi evolve,
Beaver dams have been implicated ...,
Dogs often get blastomyces from _...
44  cards
Which two opportunistic fungal in...,
Although aspergillus is found pre...,
Describe the structure of the fun...
35  cards
Picornivirus Diseases
Give a rundown on picrornaviruses,
How do picornaviruses infect humans,
Enteroviruses are broken down int...
26  cards
Small Group: CNS Infections
Which of the paramyxoviruses caus...,
Meningitis presents with what pat...,
Do not perform lumbar punctures i...
12  cards
Protozoa I
Historically medical parasitology...,
For those in the us parasitic dis...,
Amoebiasis is caused by _________...
31  cards
Protozoa II
Give the sketchy rundown on trypa...,
Sketchy forgot to mention that tr...,
Chagas disease is becoming more c...
35  cards
The pathology of helminth infecti...,
How many people worldwide have a ...,
Historically helminth infections ...
45  cards
What class of drug is metronidazole,
Why is metronidazole toxic to bac...,
What are two drugs that are relat...
46  cards
Hepatitis I & II
Which hepatitis viruses do not ha...,
How many hcv infections are there...,
The hav vaccine was introduced ar...
37  cards
Protozoa and Worms
What are the three groups of prot...,
What are the three groups of helm...,
Visceral leishmaniasis will prese...
22  cards
Small Group: Parasitic Diseases
There is widespread resistance to...,
P falciparum forms knobs on rbcs ...,
___________ is the most effective...
14  cards
Microbiome in Health and Disease
The collective microbiome genome ...,
What immune function do the comme...,
10 of our calories go to ___________
15  cards
Hospital Infection Control
Many ______________ now have infe...,
Hospital acquired infections lead...,
In general infections acquired in...
16  cards
Review Session
The _________ valent polio vaccin...,
__________ is no longer used for ...,
What enzyme makes the hbv dna genome
20  cards

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