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First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK: Cardiovascular
What is considered normal hr for ...,
The technical definition of sinus...,
A normal pr interval is between _...
97  cards
First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK: Pulmonary
List the four obstructive lung di...,
Obstructive lung diseases primari...,
An fev fvc ratio less than ______...
56  cards
OnlineMedEd: Cardiology - "ACLS Easy"
Why is synchronous rhythm important,
Give dustyns protocol for working...,
Go through the three types of med...
6  cards
OnlineMedEd: Cardiology - "Valvular Disease"
Review the murmur grading system,
What murmurs need to be worked up,
Murmurs that need to be worked up...
15  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Anemia Approach"
Review the symptomatology of hgb ...,
Give the formula for delivery of o2,
Pallor of the anterior rim of the...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Macrocytic Anemia"
Macrocytic anemias are all ______...,
When you see a macrocytic anemia ...,
What are the non megaloblastic an...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Microcytic Anemia"
The microcytic anemias are ______...,
When you see a low mcv the next t...,
What are the four microcytic anemias
19  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Normocytic Anemia"
When you see a normocytic anemia ...,
In addition to the three hemolysi...,
If the hemolysis labs and the blo...
22  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Leukemia"
Chronic leukemia is what kind of ...,
A wbc greater than ________ is hi...,
When you see an extremely high wb...
15  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Lymphoma"
What kind of lymphadenopathy is s...,
Describe the type of biopsy neede...,
List the four possible outcomes o...
9  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Plasma Cell"
Multiple myeloma cells make _____...,
Why do those with multiple myelom...,
On labs youll see ____________ in...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Bleeding"
Primary hemostasis starts with __...,
What two mediators are important ...,
What drugs target the aggregation...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Thrombocytopenia"
Ttp stands for ________________,
Ttp arises from deficiency of ___...,
Review the signs and symptoms of ttp
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Hematology Oncology - "Thrombophilia"
What do proteins c and s do,
Explain the pathway of factors i ...,
Review the pathophysiology of fac...
9  cards
OnlineMedEd: Endocrine - "Anterior Pituitary"
Why does the posterior pituitary ...,
Review the anterior pituitary hor...,
List the hypothalamic hormones th...
19  cards
OnlineMedEd: Endocrine - "Posterior Pituitary"
In __________ the urine osmolarit...,
Why does urinary sodium increase ...,
Small cell carcinoma and ________...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Endocrine - "Thyroid"
List the symptoms of hyperthyroidism,
The thyroid of someone with _____...,
Unlike most other kinds of hypert...
17  cards
OnlineMedEd: Endocrine - "Thyroid Nodules"
What patient characteristic corre...,
List some other patient character...,
List the nodule characteristics t...
9  cards
OnlineMedEd: Infectious Disease - "Skin Infections"
Cellulitis is usually caused by _...,
Cellulitis is described as ______...,
Why dont you culture cellulitis
15  cards
OnlineMedEd: Infectious Disease - "Antibiotic Ladder"
Go through the antibiotic ladder ...,
The amino beta lactams have what ...,
Adding ___________ to the amino b...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Infectious Disease - "HIV"
Briefly review the steps of hiv r...,
Review the 2 1 treatments for hiv,
Prep pre exposure prophylaxis inc...
12  cards
OnlineMedEd: Infectious Disease - "TB"
Primary tb typically presents wit...,
Secondary tb presents with ______...,
Tb presents with symptoms similar...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Infectious Disease - "UTI"
Dr williams separates utis into c...,
How long do you treat each type o...,
Risk factors for uti include ____...
16  cards
OnlineMedEd: Nephrology - "Calcium"
Explain the calcium sensor on pth...,
Osteo __________ stimulate osteo ...,
Explain how pth affects the bones...
16  cards
OnlineMedEd: Infectious Disease - "Genital Ulcers"
Compare the four types of genital...,
Secondary syphilis is similar to ...,
How do you diagnose primary secon...
7  cards
UWorld Qs: Week of 02/11/18
Describe the management of actini...,
Review the treatment of meningiti...,
In treating dka add iv potassium ...
44  cards
OnlineMedEd: Endocrine - "MEN Syndrome"
Review the constellation of men1,
Review the constellation of men2a,
Review the constellation of men2b
4  cards
OnlineMedEd: Dermatology - "Bullous Disease"
Describe the molecular connection...,
Loss of desmosomes leads to _____...,
Loss of hemidesmosomes leads to _...
15  cards
OnlineMedEd: Dermatology - "Papulosquamous"
Describe the pathophysiology of s...,
Seborrheic dermatitis affects are...,
Treat seborrheic dermatitis with ...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Dermatology - "Eczematous Rashes"
Describe the two presentations of...,
Review the treatment of atopic de...,
The two most common test question...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Dermatology - "Hypersensitivity"
Hives are often described as ____...,
With hives you need to assess ___...,
How do you treat hives
12  cards
OnlineMedEd: Dermatology - "Hyperpigmentation"
If you see _______________ in a m...,
Review the abcde of melanoma,
True or false seborrheic keratosi...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Dermatology - "Hypopigmentation"
What is the disease that causes a...,
How does the rash of tinea versic...,
Diagnose tinea versicolor with __...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Dermatology - "Alopecia"
Hair loss due to scarring is call...,
Which type of male pattern baldne...,
The generic name of rogaine is __...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Infectious Disease - "Sepsis"
True or false the infection has t...,
Review the sirs criteria,
In general the sirs criteria shou...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Infectious Disease - "Infective Endocarditis"
Review the major and minor criter...,
Review the signs of infective end...,
Discuss dustyns method of categor...
9  cards
OnlineMedEd: Endocrine - "Adrenals"
List the two sites that acth prod...,
Describe the presentation of cush...,
Review the diagnostic workup of c...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Rheumatology - "Other Connective Tissue"
Scleroderma results from ________...,
Review crest syndrome limited cut...,
What are the diffuse manifestatio...
13  cards
OnlineMedEd: Rheumatology - "Seronegative Arthritis"
True or false the pair diseases o...,
Why are the seronegative arthropa...,
Describe the presentation of anky...
9  cards
OnlineMedEd: Dermatology - "Skin Infections"
______________ presents as a hone...,
The treatment for impetigo is ___...,
True or false impetigo can cause ...
9  cards
OnlineMedEd: Pediatrics - "Immunodeficiency"
Review the typical presentations ...,
The first tests to order in a cas...,
Review brutons agammaglobulinemia
15  cards
OnlineMedEd: Gynecology - "Primary Amenorrhea"
A girl should develop secondary s...,
What are the first two things you...,
If a girl has breast buds and a u...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Gynecology - "Secondary Amenorrhea"
What are the most common causes o...,
By what mechanism does hypothyroi...,
List the things that can disrupt ...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Gynecology - "Puberty"
In what order do girls go through...,
Constitutional growth delay is a ...,
Sertoli leydig and granulosa thec...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Gynecology - "Virilization"
Explain the difference between hi...,
Which androgen comes from the ovary,
Which androgen comes from the adr...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Gynecology - "Menopause"
What are the symptoms of menopause,
The cause of menopause is _______...,
The diagnosis of menopause is giv...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Epidemiology and Stats - "Prevention"
What is primary prevention,
What is secondary prevention,
What is tertiary prevention
3  cards
OnlineMedEd: Epidemiology and Stats - "Vaccinations"
Review the absolute contraindicat...,
Dtap is for ____________,
How often should you give tdap
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Epidemiology and Stats - "Diagnostic Tests"
In a 2x2 table ___________ is alw...,
Positive disease status is always...,
Give the formula for sensitivity ...
6  cards
OnlineMedEd: Epidemiology and Stats - "Study Design"
Observational studies without a c...,
Studying the same group over a pe...,
Studying a disease by comparison ...
6  cards
OnlineMedEd: Epidemiology and Stats - "Bias"
What is the hawthorne effect,
Review the types of bias grouped ...,
___________ bias means that the s...
4  cards
OnlineMedEd: Epidemiology and Stats - "Hypothesis Testing"
Group 1 is the same as group 2 is...,
Group 1 is not the same as group ...,
When p is ________ than alpha we ...
5  cards
OnlineMedEd: Epidemiology and Stats - "Risk"
Review the formula for probability,
Review the formula for odds,
How do you calculate relative risk
5  cards
OnlineMedEd: Epidemiology and Stats - "Confidence Interval"
When p is ________ than alpha the...
1  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Sodium"
In _______ natremia the cells swell,
It isnt the amount of cell shrink...,
Review dr williams three categori...
12  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Potassium"
In general 10 meq of potassium po...,
Because intravenous potassium bur...,
The standard mnaximum potassium r...
6  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Renal Failure"
Review the causes of prerenal aki,
Review the causes of postrenal aki,
How can a urinalysis tell you wha...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Liver Function Tests"
Give the fishbone diagram for lfts,
What things can cause a protein g...,
Three disease states can cause lo...
5  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Bleeding"
____________ binds to damaged end...,
Which two molecules mediate plate...,
Aggregation is mediated by which ...
14  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Platelets"
Review primary hemostasis,
Dic results from _________ clots,
The dic panel includes which tests
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Oxygen Delivery"
Nasal canula can go up to ______ ...,
Simple masks can go up to _______...,
Non rebreather masks can go up to...
15  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Shock I"
Review the equation for map,
Disorders that lead to __________...,
Disorders that lead to __________...
12  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Shock II"
The pure vasoconstrictors given f...,
The two ino constrictors are ____...,
Trials show that ____________ has...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Shock III"
Review the sirs criteria,
What workup should you do for som...,
Severe sepsis responds to _______...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Pulmonary Embolism"
Once again review virchows triad,
If one leg is ____ bigger than th...,
Why does a small embolus in a sub...
6  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "GI Bleed"
Review the causes of ugib,
Review the causes of lgib,
At what dose do you give ppis in ...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "CHF I Clinic"
The two most important organs tha...,
True or false the svr is decrease...,
The triad of chf symptoms are ___...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "CHF II Hospital"
How does svr change in chf,
Review the warm cold wet dry 2x2 ...,
How do you assess for volume over...
9  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Cirrhosis II"
There is no such thing as acute e...,
Review the three ways that ascite...,
True or false svr is up in those ...
12  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Cirrhosis III"
Acute decompensation in cirrhosis...,
What should you order in managing...,
You can be transplanted at a meld...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Cirrhosis IV"
True or false hcc needs to be bio...,
What are the three phases of a tr...,
Describe hepatopulmonary syndrome
6  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Pulmonary Hypertension"
How do cardiologists approach phtn,
How do you work up who grade ii phtn,
How do you work up who grade iii ...
5  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Syncope"
Again review dr williams system o...,
How do you differentiate syncope ...,
List dr williams mnemonic for syn...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Secondary Hypertension"
Review the mnemonic for secondary...,
Describe the history associated w...,
Describe the physical exam associ...
5  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Chest Pain"
Review the causes of chest pain u...
1  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Dyspnea"
Review the dyspnea pyramid,
What labs should you order to eva...
2  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Fever"
List the three types of fever in ...,
Clotting includes which syndromes,
Review the mnemonic for fever wit...
3  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Approach to Edema"
The three oncotic diseases that c...,
Review five factors that can affe...,
The hydrostatic causes of edema i...
3  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Dysphagia"
Explain dustyns system for whom t...,
What signs indicate oropharyngeal...,
Oropharyngeal dysphagia usually r...
6  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Hemoptysis"
Review dustyns mnemonic for hemop...,
When someone presents with blood ...
2  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "Joint Pain"
Review dustyns organizer for join...,
Describe stills disease of adulthood
2  cards
OnlineMedEd: Intern Content - "IV Fluids"
Lactated ringers is often describ...,
How does the potassium in lactate...,
Normal saline is the ____________...
5  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Uro Peds"
0  cards
UWorld Step 2 CK Form 1
True or false tpn must be adminis...,
What do variable fhrs look like,
Black based painless ulcers after...
29  cards
UWorld Q Bank: Week of 04/23/18
Review the diagnostic criteria fo...,
Review the management of preterm ...,
Someone presents with hemorrhagic...
90  cards
UWorld Q Bank: Week of 04/30/18
What age is typical of stranger a...,
Most small bowel obstructions can...,
Dark urine indicates high levels ...
122  cards
ICC Ventilator Session
The ardsnet trial showed that ___...,
Those with copd have what on insp...,
What is auto peep
11  cards
UWorld Q Bank: Week of 05/07/18
Terminal hematuria bleeding at th...,
True or false ivermectin can be u...,
True or false rambling difficult ...
125  cards
UWorld Q Bank: Week of 05/07/18 (#2)
How can you use the womans cycle ...,
Although heavy peritoneal bleedin...,
Those with major depression typic...
95  cards
UWorld Step 2 CK Form 2
Differentiate galactocele and plu...,
In primary adrenal insufficiency ...,
Bile leak can present with what s...
86  cards
UWorld Q Bank: Final Stretch!
______________ presents like heno...,
____________ may present after rh...,
Rigors after pregnancy may signif...
47  cards

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