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Upper Limb Anatomy 1 & 2
What is the axilla,
Which muscles make up the anterio...,
Which muscles make up the posteri...
83  cards
Upper Limb Anatomy 3 & 4
Name the muscles in the superfici...,
What are the superficial muscles ...,
What are the actions of pronator ...
60  cards
Joints, Synovial Fluid and Cartilage
Name the three structural classif...,
Give three examples of fibrous jo...,
Give the two types of cartilagino...
20  cards
Bone and Joint Infections
Which groups of patients are most...,
What are the common routes of inf...,
What are the common sources of in...
40  cards
MSK Clinical Assessment
Which questions make up the gals ...,
Which common orthopaedic symptoms...,
Which common orthopaedic symptoms...
14  cards
Orthopaedic Problems of the Hand
List the elective hand conditions,
Which patient groups are more lik...,
Describe the pathology of dupuytr...
18  cards
Nerve Palsies in the Limbs
What is a dermatome,
Is there overlap between adjacent...,
Why are lower limb dermatomes dis...
33  cards
Anatomy of the Shoulder and Elbow
Which muscles attach to the great...,
Which muscles attach to the lesse...,
What are the functions of the cla...
21  cards
Musculoskeletal Growth and Repair: Nerves
What are the components of an eff...,
Where do the cell bodies of senso...,
Name the features of spinal nerves
17  cards
Musculoskeletal Growth and Repair: Bones and Tendons
What are the components of the mu...,
Describe the structure of tendons,
How do tendons get their blood su...
30  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis
What are the functions of the syn...,
What is the definition of rheumat...,
Describe the characteristics of r...
23  cards
Metabolic Bone Disease
Which factors stimulate osteoblas...,
What is pagets bone disease and w...,
Describe the aetiology of pagets ...
34  cards
Crystal Arthropathy
What is the main cause of the hyp...,
What are the causes of hyperurica...,
What are the features of lesch ny...
18  cards
Seronegative Arthritis
What are the features of seronega...,
What are the different types of s...,
What is ankylosing spondylitis
25  cards
Multisystem Autoimmune Disease
List the connective tissue autoim...,
List the systemic vasculitis dise...,
Name the possible mimics
23  cards
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
What is juvenile idiopathic arthr...,
Which factors contribute to the a...,
What are the criteria for diagnos...
24  cards
Children's Orthopaedics
Which hip problems are more commo...,
Which hip problems are more commo...,
Which hip problems are more commo...
50  cards
Principles of Paediatric Orthopaedics
What are the causes of intoeing a...,
Is femoral anteversion a developm...,
What does internal tibial torsion...
21  cards
Lower Limb Anatomy
Describe the characteristic featu...,
Name the static and dynamic stabi...,
Name the two superficial veins of...
109  cards
Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours
What is sarcoma and how does it s...,
Which tumours form bone,
Which tumours form cartilage
27  cards
Describe the pathophysiology of oa,
What are the biomechanical factor...,
What does the inflammation cause ...
9  cards
Foot Problems
What is the aetiology of hallux v...,
What are the symptoms of hallux v...,
Describe the pathogenesis of hall...
40  cards
Orthopaedic Hip Conditions
What is the blood supply to the hip,
What is trochanteric bursitis,
What is the presentation of troch...
18  cards
Orthopaedic Knee Conditions
What are meniscii and what is the...,
What are the two types of menisca...,
How do meniscal tears present
18  cards
Forensic Aspects of Trauma 1 & 2
What is the definition of an injury,
Name the factors which impact the...,
Name the things that excessive me...
14  cards
What is a dislocation,
What is a subluxation,
How can dislocations be diagnosed
26  cards
Spinal Symposium
What are the most common causes o...,
Describe the features of a comple...,
Describe the features of an incom...
28  cards

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