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General Skeletal System
Homogenous bone tissue,
Function of the bones,
What minerals do bones store
14  cards
Classification Of Bones
Wrist bones,
Contains mostly spongy bones,
Shaft with heads at both ends
17  cards
Anatomy Of A Long Bone
Terms often begin with f,
Ends of the bone
24  cards
Microscopic Anatomy Of Compact Bone
Opening in the center of the osteon,
Form a transport system connectin...,
Concentric rings
14  cards
Formation Of Human Skeleton
When is the cartilage replaced by...,
What allows for lengthwise growth...,
Bone growth
5  cards
What happens to be new cartilage,
What opens up a medullary cavity ...,
Build bones
16  cards
Types Of Bone Cells
Bone forming cells,
A disease where closer a bones fa...,
Bone remold if is done by what cells
11  cards
Bone Fractures
Surgery performed and ends secure...,
What causes a fracture,
Break that doesn t penetrate skin
10  cards
Types Of Fractures
Common in sports,
Broken bone is pressed inward,
Bone is crushed
12  cards
Repair Of Fractures
What gets rid of dead tissue,
Connective tissue forms mass repa...,
What forms to treat clotted blood
8  cards
Cranium Bones
Forms the forehead,
Where sound enters and leads to t...,
What suture connects the two pari...
37  cards
Facial Bones
Holds the teeth,
What type of bones make up the in...,
What is maxilla composed of
25  cards
Vertebral Column
The hyoid bone aids in what,
Hyoid bones serves as a movable b...,
Anchored by ligaments to styloid ...
36  cards
A Typical Vertebrae
Arch forms from joining of poster...,
Connects processes
45  cards
Bony Thorax
What are the three parts of the b...,
What is broken during cpr,
What kind of bones make up the st...
22  cards
Pectoral Girdle
How many bones in the pectoral gi...,
What is the bone of the clavicle ...,
What does the clavicle act as
20  cards
Bones Of Arm
What does the humerus form,
At the proximal end the humerus a...,
Area inferior to the head
14  cards
Location of ulna,
At the proximal end how does the ...,
What seperated the coronoid and o...
12  cards
Pelvic Girdle
Pelvic girdle,
Bony pelvis,
Type of bones
22  cards
What binds the carpals together,
Palm bones,
Fingers and thumbs
6  cards
Lower Limbs
Characteristics of femur,
Femur articulates with what poste...,
What is a common site of fracture...
26  cards

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