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MS - Perioperative Care
59  cards
Mental Health - Exam 4
A client with which of the follow...,
An appropriate short term goal fo...,
The nurse is assigned to perform ...
33  cards
MS - Labs and Diagnostics
Creatinine serum value normal range,
23  cards
MS - Diabetes
In addition to promoting the tran...,
Which tissues require insulin to ...,
Why are the hormones cortisol glu...
72  cards
Med Surg - Ch 45
Which important functions of regu...,
Number the following physiologic ...,
The right atrium myocytes secrete...
28  cards
MS - Perioperative Care (MS Success)
The nurse requests the client to ...,
The day surgery nurse is caring f...,
The client with varicose veins is...
25  cards
Mental Health - Exam 1
When planning care for a specific...,
A nurse conducting research is se...,
A client tells the mental health ...
82  cards
Mental Health - Exam 2
A student nurse caring for a depr...,
Information given to a depressed ...,
A depressed client who is schedul...
105  cards
MS - Renal/Urologic
Which classification of urinary t...,
While caring for a 77 year old wo...,
A woman with no history of utis w...
130  cards
Med Surg - Exam 2 - Ch 47 (AKI and CKD)
What are intrarenal causes of acu...,
An 83 year old patient was found ...,
Acute tubular necrosis atn is the...
101  cards
Med Surg - Exam 2 - Ch 57 (Acute Intracranial Probs)
Which components are able to chan...,
The cerebral perfusion pressure c...,
Calculate the cpp for the patient...
84  cards
Med Surg - Exam 2 - Ch 58 (Stroke)
Of the following patients the nur...,
A thrombus that develops in a cer...,
A patient comes to the emergency ...
37  cards
Med Surg Quiz - 58 60 59 61
What is the priority intervention...,
During the acute phase of a strok...,
What is a nursing intervention th...
109  cards
Med Surg - Exam 3 - Ch 58 (Nursing Management: Stroke)
What is the priority intervention...,
During the acute phase of a strok...,
What is a nursing intervention th...
27  cards
Med Surg - Exam 3 - Ch 60 (AD, Dementia, Delirium)
Dementia is defined as a a syndro...,
Vascular dementia is associated w...,
The clinical diagnosis of dementi...
44  cards
Med Surg - Exam 3 - Ch 59 (Chronic Neurologic Problems)
A 50 year old man complains of re...,
A 65 year old woman was just diag...,
The nurse finds that an 87 year o...
92  cards
Med Surg - Exam 3 - Ch 61 (Peripheral Nerve and Spinal Cord)
A patient is diagnosed with bell ...,
When planning care for the patien...,
Surgical intervention is being co...
56  cards
Mental Health - Exam 3
S age 18 has been diagnosed with ...,
Cs skin has a yellow cast her hai...,
A patient with anorexia nervosa i...
32  cards
Med Surg - Exam3- Mandy- ch49 lecture
171  cards
Med Surg Success-Exam3
A 78 year old client is admitted ...,
The nurse is assessing a client e...,
A client diagnosed with a right s...
36  cards
Med Surg ch 59 &61 lecture - Mandy
know everything
6  cards
MS - Diabetes Medications
What are the onset peak time and ...,
Which type of insulin can t be mi...,
The client with type 2 diabetes c...
19  cards
Med Surge Exam 4 Chapter 63
The nurse suspects and ankle spra...,
The explains to a patient with a ...,
A patient with a comminuted fract...
27  cards
MS - Endocrine System
A patient suspected of having acr...,
During assessment of the patient ...,
A patient with acromegaly is trea...
62  cards
Med Surg - Exam 4 - Chapter 24
Which statements are true about s...,
Which statements characterize mal...,
What is the most common skin canc...
9  cards
Med Surg - Last Quiz (12, 22, 24, 25)
Which statements characterize mal...,
What is the most common skin canc...,
What skin condition has keratotic...
5  cards
Med Surg- Exam 4 - Chapter 12
In a patient with leukocytosis wi...,
What does the mechanism of chemot...,
What effect does the action of th...
21  cards
Med Surg- Exam 4 - Chapter 22
1 myopia is present in 25 of amer...,
2 the patient is diagnosed with p...,
3 to determine if an unconscious ...
35  cards

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