my comp review- uworld

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Uworld 9/21
Points I missed
19  cards
Uworld Cardiology 9/22
Incorrect points and Lucky Guesses
50  cards
Uworld Pulmonary and nephrology 9/23
Patient has atelectasis post op w...,
Why would you get a respiratory a...,
In acute exasperation of copd wha...
52  cards
uworld renal review 9/24
What medications cause hyperkalemia,
When do you use calcium gluconate...,
Patient has hyperkalemia chronic ...
12  cards
Uworld Hem/Onc 1
Symptoms of all,
Unique markers of all,
Middle maged man drinks a lot has...
24  cards
Uworld GI 9/26
Patient has had anorexia fatigue ...,
When would you use percutaneous t...,
What would differentiate aortic d...
19  cards
Uworld Mix 9/26
31 woman has some kind of nephrot...,
53 m has nonspecific chest pain i...,
What is work up for a solitary pu...
15  cards
Uworld Mix 1 9/28
Define fetal hydantoin syndrome,
How dos fetal alcohol syndrome di...,
Squamous cell vs basal cell carci...
58  cards
Uworld Mix 9/29
56m has progressive asthma sympto...,
65 m copd afib htn and t2dm had s...,
What does hypercapnia cause cereb...
54  cards
Uworld Mix 9/30
44 year old womanwith 5 past preg...,
What would differentiate urge inc...,
What kind of incontinence is trea...
55  cards
Tutor 10/1
What are three places you see ves...,
What virus do you associated porp...,
How would the rash be described i...
5  cards
Uworld Endocrine Review
all the shit you dont know.
17  cards
Uworld Mix 10/3/2018
What symptoms do you see if they ...,
Would you see wheezing in chf,
Manifestation of bartonella hense...
16  cards
Uworld Mix 10/4/18
Guy passes out in his own urine a...,
Can cocain cause splenic rupture,
Baby has a little hernia and is n...
13  cards
UWORLD ENT/Opthalmalogy /Immuno 10/5/2018
Retinitis thats a full thickness ...,
Treatment for cmv retinitis,
Eye pain vesicular rupture rash o...
23  cards
Uworld Infectious Disease 10/6/2018
6 year old with cf has pneumonia ...,
7 year old boy has malaise and he...,
Steps with vap aspiration pneumo
32  cards
Uworld Block Mix 10/6/2018
Difference between malignant hype...,
Why do you have persistent epista...,
68 m is in icu after cabg post op...
19  cards
Uworld Mix 10/7/18
74 year old woman is brought in b...,
What condition is associated with...,
What metabolic conditions do you ...
20  cards
Uworld Mix 10/9-9
35 ivdu has right sided wekaness ...,
30 year old school teacher 3 day ...,
What two modalities of diagnosis ...
68  cards
Uworld 10/11
58 m has a tonic clonic seizure a...,
Old man has difficulty hearing af...,
11 month old has 3 days of fever ...
13  cards
UWorld GI Nephro Pulm 11/7
53 m after motor vehicl collision...,
Diagnostic criteria for pulmonary...,
Management of pulmonary contusion
7  cards
big Uworld set
72 woman with mph of htn t2dm and...,
29 year old man goes to ed for pr...,
Uhtoff phenomenon
14  cards

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