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Systematic Approach To Tasting Wine
Appearance list the three levels ...,
Colour list the 5 levels of colou...,
Colour list the 3 levels of colou...
32  cards
Southern France
What are the climate characterist...,
What are the growing conditions i...,
There are two noticeable winds in...
26  cards
The Northern Rhône
List northern rhone appellations ...,
Between which towns is the northe...,
Whare are the best vineyards located
22  cards
The Southern Rhône
List the key appellations of sout...,
What is the climate of southern r...,
How is grenache usually trained
24  cards
What is the soil in priorat calle...,
What is the grape of riasa baixas,
What is the most planted grape in...
63  cards
Describe the climates of portugal,
What is the modern name of portug...,
What are the portuguese terms for...
21  cards
What are the acronyms for italian...,
What are classico wines,
What does riserva on a wine mean
78  cards
What are the 3 wset l3 greek pdos,
Which grape naoussa pdo,
Which grape namea pdo
13  cards
South Africa
What is the hierarchy of wines in...,
What are the rules for estate win...,
What are the 5 main black grapes ...
36  cards
What it the term in chile for win...,
The do regions in chile can be su...,
Introduced in 2012 what are the 3...
35  cards
Argentina s vineyards are cut off...,
What is the name for argentina s ...,
What are the flagship black and w...
16  cards
Sparkling Wines
What is the french name for the d...,
When pressing grapes the first ju...,
What is the correct order when ma...
83  cards
What are the 3 towns of the sherr...,
What s the climate like in the sh...,
What are the cool humid and hot a...
33  cards
Wine Labelling
List german pradikatwein levels f...,
In germany what is vdp,
In germany what are pgi wines called
36  cards
Port And Fortified Muscats
Describe a quality tawny port,
Name the three methods used to ra...,
How long must a reserve tawny por...
56  cards
Storage & Service Of Wine
What is the ideal temperature for...,
Wines should be stored away from ...,
What temperature should medium fu...
9  cards
Lexicon For Describing Aroma & Flavour
Where are primary aromas flavours...,
Where are secondary aromas flavou...,
Where are tertiary aromas flavour...
25  cards
Which one of these is not a reaso...,
Which vineyard has the aspect to ...,
An aspiring wine maker in bordeau...
115  cards
In white wine making why is skin ...,
What process do some winemakers c...,
List in order steps that must hap...
103  cards
How would you describe bordeaux c...,
Which ocean current warms bordeaux,
What are the three major and one ...
34  cards
The Dordogne and South West France
Name the main appellation of the ...,
Name a good sweet white wine from...,
Where did black wines traditional...
17  cards
Burgundy incl. Beaujolais
List these 5 regions from north t...,
Which white wine does this descri...,
What are the key tasting notes fo...
54  cards
What is the climate in alsace,
What effect do the vosges mountai...,
Where are the best vineyards located
14  cards
What climate is most of germany d...,
What is the correct order of germ...,
Which of these weather effects ar...
47  cards
What is the climate in austria ho...,
What is the climate consideration...,
What is the climate consideration...
31  cards
What is the climate of tokaj,
Where are vineyards mainly locate...,
From driest to sweetest list list...
11  cards
Aromatic grapes miscellaneous
List 3 things a winemaker will tr...,
List 4 things a winemaker will do...,
List the 4 natural factors of wine
3  cards
The Loire Valley
Working east from the coast what ...,
What is the climate of nantais wh...,
What is the climate of anjou saum...
38  cards
United States and Canada
What is the main affect fog has o...,
In which state would you find fin...,
What is finger lakes renowned for...
35  cards
Simply summarise the australian g...,
Generally australia is pretty hot...,
What are the no1 black and white ...
40  cards
New Zealand
What is the name of the initiativ...,
What is the general climate of ne...,
What is the key for success of nz...
26  cards
Crash Kit
Village s in mosel,
Village s in nahe,
Village s in rheingau
8  cards
Sparkling Wine 2 (chris)
Prosecco has a doc and a docg reg...,
Presecco uses what grape variety,
Describe presccos production and ...
43  cards
Describe the climate and soil typ...,
Name the 2 prevailing winds and h...,
What is the soil in jerez called ...
6  cards

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