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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
What is lupus,
What is a common antibody that is...,
Pathogenesis of lupus
30  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Etiology of ra,
What are synovial joints,
What are the 6 types of synovial ...
33  cards
What happens in scleroderma,
Etiology of scleroderma
2  cards
Hepatic Physiology
Anesthesia s goals pertaining to ...,
What does the liver do to drugs s...,
What are the basic structures of ...
202  cards
hepatic pathophysiology and anesthesia implications
What typically causes liver carci...,
Clinical manifestations of hepati...,
Acute hepatitis is usually the re...
132  cards
hematologic - hemoglobin disorders
Hemoglobin makeup,
An individual erythrocyte may con...,
Normal hemoglobin beta chain made...
67  cards
hematologic - anemias
Erythrocyte definition,
Reticulocyte definition,
Anemia definition
91  cards
hematologic - coagulation disorders
Hemophilia a concerns which factor,
Hemophilia b concerns which factor,
For surgery individual clotting f...
54  cards
neuromuscular diseases
What are neuromuscular diseases,
Upper motor neurons are,
Where do upper motor neuron pathw...
142  cards
renal pathophysiology
Kidneys receive ____ of the total...,
How much of the kidney blood flow...,
How much of the kidney blood flow...
314  cards
adrenal disease
Diseases of the adrenal cortex,
Diseases of the adrenal medulla,
3 zones of the adrenal cortex
81  cards
endocrine pituitary gland
Endocrine glands secrete,
Exocrine glands secrete,
Examples of exocrine glands
78  cards
GI Pathology
Which of the following decreases ...,
Which of the following you do not...,
Your patient is on warfarin for c...
20  cards
GI Physiology
Chyme is produced in a liver b st...,
Most absorption of nutrients occu...,
Site where most of parietal oxynt...
20  cards
GI Pathophysiology
Patients with esophageal motility...,
Symptoms of achalasia
22  cards

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