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Unit 1: Nature, Description, and Use of Real Estate
Real estate rights
58  cards
Unit 2: Rights and Interests in Land
Police power,
Governmental and public rights in...,
Eminent domain
37  cards
Unit 3: Ownership and Title Transfer
2 parties to a deed,
Covenant of quiet enjoyment
35  cards
Unit 4: Recordation, Title Insurance, and Settlement
Title search,
Priority of recorded instrument,
Lis pendens litigation pending
26  cards
Unit 5: NC Property Taxes and Settlement
Who pays pest inspection for buye...,
Trust account
37  cards
Unit 6: Real Estate Contracts
Voidable contract,
Express contract,
Implied contract
45  cards
Unit 7: Appraisal
The cost of replacing an improvem...,
The process of converting a futur...,
Loss in value due to causes exter...
69  cards
Unit 8: Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Lending Practices
A sales contract and a financing ...,
17 provisions of installment land...,
2 party mortgage instrument used ...
68  cards
Unit 9: Government Loan Programs and Fair Housing
Federal housing administration,
Private mortgage insurance pmi,
Veterans administration va guaran...
31  cards
Unit 10: Agency and Listings
Common law of agency specifies fi...,
Parties to agency relationship,
Broker in charge
33  cards
Unit 11: Ethics, Investment Properties, Income tax, Trust Accounts, Environmental Issues
Property built before this date r...
26  cards
Unit 12: NC License Law, Commission Rules, And Trust Account Guidelines
Ll beans,
Pocket cards,
Three pronged test for brokerage ...
4  cards

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