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Gestalt psychology,
For interior designers gestalt ps...
13  cards
What is programming,
What types of elements informatio...,
What is the five step process in ...
16  cards
Chapter 5 Site Analysis
Site analysis,
Tasks included in site analysis,
What does a field survey determine
7  cards
Chapter 6 Information Analysis and Synthesis
3 ways space needs are determined,
Linear workflow,
Centralized workflow
31  cards
Chapter 7 Building Regulations and Codes
Flammability standardsastm e119,
Flammability standardsnfpa 252,
Flammability standardsnfpa 257
31  cards
Chapter 8 Means of Egress
Public way,
Exit access,
28  cards
CH 9 Mean of Egress
Clear width for an accessible route,
Stationary wheelchair minimum space,
Wheelchair 180 degree turn is
53  cards
Chapter 10 Sustainable Design
Energy star
34  cards
Chapter 11 Interior Construction
What is gypsum wall board,
What are the advantages of gypsum...,
Commercial and residential thickn...
51  cards
Chapter 12 Structural Systems
What are the 5 basic cast in plac...,
What are the two primary concrete...,
What type of buildings are open w...
28  cards
Chapter 13 Mechanical and Electrical Systems
What are hvac all air systems and...,
Where are ducts and plumbing run ...,
What is a chase
37  cards
Chapter 14 Acoustics
What are the 3 basic qualities of...,
At what decibel db does sound sta...,
What decibel db is the threshold ...
22  cards
Chapter 15 Lighting
What is candlepower cp,
What is a lumen lm,
What is illuminance
38  cards
Chapter 17 Architectural Woodwork
What are the 3 methods solid stoc...,
What are the 5 methods of cutting...,
What are some of the common wood ...
19  cards
Chapter 19: Sourcing and Researching Manufacturer's Information for FF&E
What is the goal when researching...,
Name the 5 steps used in researching,
How can you evaluate the quality ...
11  cards
Chapter 20 Selection of material, finishes, and Furniture
Criteria for materials selection,
Finish function,
Finish durability
22  cards
Chapter 21 Measurment and drafting
Edm redm measuring tools and tech...,
Ectified photography measuring to...,
Orthophotography measuring tools ...
21  cards
Chapter 25 Construction Specifications
What is the general sequence of c...,
How is a drawing set numbered,
What is included in a project manual
35  cards
CH 28 Project Managment
What parts of the job does a proj...,
List some tasks a project manager...,
What types of tasks would a proje...
21  cards
Cof coefficient of friction,
Cof must be greater then or equal to,
40351 wheelchair turning around o...
9  cards
Q practice
Gross area,
Net area,
Usable area
81  cards
Final Review
Order of installation for interio...,
Order of construction installatio...,
Examples of concentrated business...
23  cards

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