ncidq prac 2023

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Programming, Planning and Analysis 15% (Human Factors)
Universal design footnoteprac,
Anthropometrics footnoteprac
6  cards
Electrical, Lighting & Acoustics
Electrical systems outletsboth ne...,
What is represented by the number...,
Electrical systems outletswhat ar...
19  cards
With whom should the interior des...,
Who ultimately establishes a cons...,
Which type of cable is often used...
15  cards
Construction Drawings, Schedules, and Specifications
All air systems,
Hvac systems for commercial build...,
30  cards
Building Systems & Construction
Tread dimension calculation,
Define wayfinding,
What are the 4 types of wayfindin...
260  cards
Code Requirements, Laws, Standards and Regulations 30% (Universal Design)
Stationary wheelchair minimum space,
Wheelchair 180 degree turn is,
Thresholdselevation change maximu...
53  cards
Programming, Planning and Analysis 15% (Life Safety Codes/Standards)
Flammability standardsnfpa 701,
Flammability standards,
Flammability standardsnfpa 261
36  cards
Code Requirements, Laws, Standards and Regulations 30% (Life Safety Elements)
Egressoccupant load of more than ...,
Egressoccupant load of more than ...,
Egressoccupant load of more than ...
67  cards
What is anthropometrics,
Which consultant must assist the ...,
What two things must a designer k...
33  cards
Where are detectable warnings req...,
What is an exit passageway,
What is building commissioning
62  cards
What are the six basic components...,
What are the four types of writte...,
What are five of the most common ...
43  cards
What is a line chart,
What is the coefficient of utiliz...,
How is the color temperature of a...
102  cards
In legal terms what is negligence,
What are the three obligations of...,
What four tasks does the interior...
24  cards
What are four disadvantages of us...,
How does proportion differ from s...,
What is a pivot
86  cards
What type of scheduling chart loo...,
What fabric is made from the fibe...,
What is indentation load deflection
52  cards
Interior Building Materials and Finishes
Nrcthe most used materials for pa...,
Gypsum wallboard,
Standard depths of steel studs
73  cards
Technical Specifications for Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment and Lighting
Safety data sheet sds,
Three objectives of detailing,
Design intent
23  cards
Life Safety and Universal Design
Consumer product safety commissio...,
Model code
62  cards
Professional Development and Ethics
Sole proprietorship,
15  cards
Design Phases
Organize programming effort,
Prepare staff task assignments fo...,
Refine clients project budget
91  cards
Design & Communication Techniques
Graphic scale,
Commonly used scales
38  cards
IDFX Human Behavior
Design theory,
Historic precedent,
Environmental design research
69  cards
IDFX - Programming & Site Analysis
5 step programming process,
Four major considerations during ...,
Priority programmatic concept
110  cards
Chapter 1
1051 required,
10511 annual permit,
10512 annual permit records
39  cards
Chapter 3
3021 occupancy classification,
3021 occupancy classification list,
3022 use designation
8  cards
Topic 2: Design Constraints
What is max baluster opening,
Define coproduct,
Define demand controlled ventilation
130  cards
Topic 1: Design Concepts And Programming
What simultaneous contrast,
Gestalt psychology,
For interior designers gestalt ps...
103  cards
Topic 4: Research Analysis & Selection
What ave the possible expenses th...,
Are ff e items generally their ow...,
What is the difference between a ...
45  cards
Topic 5: Communication And Documentation
What is graphic scale,
What is a scale,
What are the three types of scales
93  cards
Topic 6: Project And Business Managment
What is a contract,
What are the two fundamental elem...,
What provisions should be include...
121  cards

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