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Pediatric Nursing
Tetralogy of fallot manifestation,
Tetralogy of fallot diagnostic st...,
Tetralogy of fallot management nu...
110  cards
Medications Pt 1
What are anticoagulants and what ...,
Contraindications in anticoagulatns,
Anticoagulants common side effects
124  cards
What are wounds,
Factor sthat delay wound healing,
Primary intetnion
75  cards
What are contusions,
Contusions manifestation,
Contusions care
91  cards
What is hypopituitarism,
Hypopituitarism manifestations,
Hypopituitarism diagnostic studies
80  cards
What is pericarditis,
Percarditis manifestations,
Percarditis diagnostic studies
114  cards
Safety and Infection
Fire safety,
12  cards
What is rhinitis,
Rhinitis manifestation,
Rhinitis diagnostic studies
68  cards
What is foodborne illness,
Foodborne management,
What is pernicious anemia
95  cards
What is benign prostatic hyperplasia,
Benign prostatic hyperplasia mani...,
Bph diagnostic studies
68  cards
Rn role,
Lpn lvn role,
Cna uap role
24  cards
What is parkinsons disease,
Parkinsons disease manifestations,
Parkinsons diagnostic studies
167  cards
Medications Pt 2
What is erythropoietin alfa and u...,
Erythropoietin alfa contraindicat...,
Erythropoietin alfa common side e...
120  cards
Medical Emergency
Cardiac and respiratory arrest,
Cardiac and respiratory arrest ha...,
Cardiac and respiratory arrest ch...
41  cards
Basic Care and Comfort
Diabetic diet,
Dash diet,
Low tyramine
83  cards
43  cards
Health Promotion
Oral contraceptives advantages an...,
Primary prevention,
Secondary prevention
22  cards
True vs false labor,
Tests to evaluate during first tr...,
Tests to evaluate during second t...
42  cards
Prioritization and Delegation
When looking at questions on who ...,
Medication prescriptions,
Issues that can make a client ine...
7  cards
Reduction of Risk Potential
Chest physiotherapy contraindicat...,
Chest physiotherapy nursing consi...,
Abdominal breathing
79  cards
1 inch,
1 oz,
1 tsp
13  cards

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