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Analgesic Drugs
Acetaminophen chemical class,
Acetaminophen mechanism of action
75  cards
CNS Depressants and Muscle Relaxants
Baclofen chemical classification,
Baclofen function class,
Baclofen mechanism of action
39  cards
CNS Stimulants and Related Drugs
Methylphenidate ritalin chemical ...,
Methylphenidate ritalin function ...,
Methylphenidate ritalin mechanism...
15  cards
Antiepileptic Drugs
Carbamazepine tegretol chemical c...,
Carbamazepine tegretol function c...,
Carbamazepine tegretol mechanism ...
49  cards
Antiparkinson Drugs
Carbidopa levodopa chemical class...,
Carbidopa levodopa functional cla...,
Carbidopa levodopa mechanism of a...
14  cards
Psychotherapeutic Drugs
Alprazolam xanax chemical classif...,
Alprazolam xanax functional class...,
Alprazolam xanax mechanism of action
78  cards
Adrenergic Drugs
Dobutamine chemical classification,
Dobutamine functional classification,
Dobutamine mechanism of action
32  cards
Adrenergic-Blocking Drugs
Atenolol chemical classification,
Atenolol functional classification,
Atenolol mechanism of action
30  cards
Cholinergic Drugs
Bethanechol urecholine chemical c...,
Bethanechol urecholine functional...,
Bethanechol urecholine mechanism ...
30  cards
Cholinergic-Blocking Drugs
Atropine chemical classification,
Atropine functional classification,
Atropine mechanism of action
15  cards
Antihypertensive Drugs
Captopril chemical classification,
Captopril functional classification,
Captopril mechanism of action
31  cards
Antianginal Drugs
Atenolol chemical classification,
Atenolol functional classification,
Atenolol mechanism of action
38  cards
Heart Failure Drugs
Digoxin lanoxin chemical classifi...,
Digoxin lanoxin functional classi...,
Digoxin lanoxin mechanism of action
46  cards
Antidysrhythmic Drugs
Adenosine chemical classification,
Adenosine functional classification,
Adenosine mechanism of action
76  cards
Coagulation Modifier Drugs
Alteplase tissue plasminogen acti...,
Alteplase tissue plasminogen acti...,
Alteplase tissue plasminogen acti...
65  cards
Antilipemic Drugs
Atorvastatin lipitor chemical cla...,
Atorvastatin lipitor functional c...,
Atorvastatin lipitor mechanism of...
28  cards
Diuretic Drugs
Furosemide lasix chemical classif...,
Furosemide lasix functional class...,
Furosemide lasix mechanism of action
32  cards
Pituitary Drugs
Octreotide chemical classification,
Octreotide functional classification,
Octreotide mechanism of action
21  cards
Thyroid and Antithyroid Drugs
Levothyroxine t4 synthroid chemic...,
Levothyroxine t4 synthroid functi...,
Levothyroxine t4 synthroid mechan...
14  cards
Antidiabetic Drugs
Glipizide glucotrol chemical clas...,
Glipizide glucotrol functional cl...,
Glipizide glucotrol mechanism of ...
62  cards
Adrenal Drugs
Prednisone chemical classification,
Prednisone functional classification,
Prednisone mechanism of action
7  cards
Women's Health Drugs
Alendronate fosamax chemical clas...,
Alendronate fosamax functional cl...,
Alendronate fosamax mechanism of ...
28  cards
Men's Health Drugs
Sildenafil viagra chemical classi...,
Sildenafil viagra functional clas...,
Sildenafil viagra mechanism of ac...
7  cards
Antihistamines, Decongestants, Antitussives, and Expectorants
Dextromethorphan robitussin chemi...,
Dextromethorphan robitussin funct...,
Dextromethorphan robitussin mecha...
28  cards
Respiratory Drugs
Albuterol mechanism of action,
Albuterol functional classification,
Albuterol uses
21  cards
Amoxicillin chemical classification,
Amoxicillin functional classifica...,
Amoxicillin mechanism of action
107  cards
Antiviral Drugs
Acyclovir chemical classification,
Acyclovir functional classification,
Acyclovir mechanism of action
36  cards
Antitubercular Drugs
Isoniazid chemical classification,
Isoniazid functional classification,
Isoniazid mechanism of action
15  cards
AntiFungal Drugs
Amphotericin b chemical classific...,
Amphotericin b functional classif...,
Amphotericin b mechanism of action
14  cards
Antimalarial, Antiprotozoal, and Antihelmintic Drugs
Chloroquine chemical classification,
Chloroquine functional classifica...,
Chloroquine mechanism of action
30  cards
Antiinflammatory and Antigout Drugs
Allopurinol chemical classification,
Allopurinol functional classifica...,
Allopurinol mechanism of action
44  cards
Antineoplastic Drugs
Asparaginase chemical classification,
Asparaginase functional classific...,
Asparaginase uses
53  cards
Biologic Response-Modifying and Antirheumatic Drugs
Aldesleukin chemical classification,
Aldesleukin functional classifica...,
Aldesleukin mechanism of action
42  cards
Immunosuppressant Drugs
Azathioprine imuran chemical clas...,
Azathioprine imuran functional cl...,
Azathioprine imuran mechanism of ...
27  cards
Acid-Controlling Drugs
Cimetidine tagamet chemical class...,
Cimetidine tagamet functional cla...,
Cimetidine tagamet mechanism of a...
20  cards
Bowel Disorder Drugs
Docusate colace chemical classifi...,
Docusate colace functional classi...,
Docusate colace mechanism of action
31  cards
Antiemetic and Antinausea Drugs
Meclizine dramamine chemical clas...,
Meclizine dramamine functional cl...,
Meclizine dramamine mechanism of ...
28  cards
Anemia Drugs
Epoetin alfa epogen chemical clas...,
Epoetin alfa epogen functional cl...,
Epoetin alfa epogen mechanism of ...
13  cards
Dermatologic Drugs
Isotretinoin uses,
Isotretinoin functional classific...,
Isotretinoin contraindications
10  cards
Lab Values
Hemoglobin hgb female,
Hemoglobin hgb male,
Hemoglobin hgb pregnant
75  cards

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