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Applied Anatomy and Physiology of the Orbit and the Eye
What are the 3 coats of the eye ball,
What is a,
What is b
44  cards
Cells and Tissues of the Nervous System
What are the divisions of the ner...,
What forms the cns,
What forms the pns
92  cards
Muscles of the Eye
What are the different categories...,
What do the intrinsic muscles do,
What do the extrinsic muscles do
67  cards
How We See 1 - Refraction and Accomodation
What is refraction,
What parts of the eye are the ref...,
What parts of the eye are transpa...
44  cards
How We See 2 - Transduction
What is visible light an example of,
What is phototransduction,
Where are photoreceptors
31  cards
Visual Pathway
What is the visual field,
What is the fovea of the eye,
What kind of tests looks at the v...
19  cards
Topography of the Brain
What can the brain be divided into,
What is the brainstem composed of,
What is white matter
119  cards
Vestibular Function
What is the vestibular system,
Where is the vestibular system found,
What does the vestibular apparatu...
100  cards
Cranial Nerves
How many pairs of cranial nerves ...,
What are cranial nerves prone to ...,
What do the symptoms due to probl...
68  cards
Cerebral Hemispheres
What is a,
What is a sulcus,
What is b
98  cards
Spinal Cord and Periphery
On the spinal cord where is the g...,
Where do axons of sensory fibres ...,
Where are the cell bodies of moto...
55  cards
EEG, Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
Explain the theory of sleep,
What part of the hypothalamus doe...,
What does scn stand for
72  cards
Functional Hierarchy of the Motor System
What is the final comon path for ...,
What spinal level does reflex con...,
Although reflex control occurs se...
56  cards
Motor Control 1
Voluntary movement uses a functio...,
What is the function of the high ...,
What is the function of the middl...
69  cards
Motor Control 2
Where does directional tuning occur,
What can be said about the neuron...,
What kind of loop mechanisms cont...
56  cards
Multiple Sclerosis
Do younger or older people normal...,
Is the presentation of ms consist...,
What is ms a disease of
56  cards
Pathology of Cerebrovascular Disease
Explain the blood supply to diffe...,
Do veins accompany arteries in th...,
What drains the dura mater
33  cards
Motor Control 3
What are some of the clinical rel...,
What are brain machine interfaces...,
What are brain brain interfaces
3  cards
Memory and Cognition
What is cognition,
What does making sense of a situa...,
What does learning and rememberin...
82  cards
Sensory Systems
What are examples of sensory rece...,
How does the nerve endings of dif...,
What are examples of sensory rece...
65  cards
Muscle and Nerve Diseases
What energies do muscles convert,
What are some components required...,
What are some symptoms of muscle ...
52  cards
Acute Red Eye
What is the branch of medicine th...,
What is acute red eye,
What is seen in the history for a...
26  cards
Loss of Vision
What should be asked in the histo...,
What examinations are done for vi...,
What are the different categories...
39  cards
Diseases of the Spinal Cord
What are examples of diseases of ...,
What are examples of diseases of ...,
What are examples of upper motor ...
17  cards
Autonomic Nervous System
What are the 2 main divisions of ...,
What are the 2 main divisions of ...,
What are the 2 divisions of the e...
21  cards
Infections of the Nervous System
What is inflammation of the menin...,
What is inflammatio of the brain ...,
What is inflammation of the spina...
109  cards
Are most headaches primary or sec...,
What percentage of headaches are ...,
What are primary headaches
90  cards
Embryology and Congenital Malformations
The nervous system develops from ...,
The cns appears when,
What are the steps of neuralisation
70  cards
Pathology of Head Injury
What are the commonest cause of h...,
What are the different kinds of h...,
What are examples of primary head...
66  cards
Physiology and Pathophysiology of Pain
What is pain,
What are the different parts of t...,
What is the periphery responsible...
100  cards
What are the most common diagnosi...,
Describe how episodes of collapse...,
What are important things to ask ...
74  cards
Pathology of Brain Tumours
What is the main pathology of bra...,
What is the cranium,
What are the thick fibrous sheets...
77  cards
Ventricles, Hemispheres, Venous Sinuses
What does cvt stand for,
What is central venous thrombosis...,
What is the consequence of a bloo...
8  cards
CSF, Hydrocephalus, Lumbar Puncture
What is hydrocephalus,
What does csf stand for,
What does an excess of csf cause ...
105  cards
Cerebral Infarction
How does stroke risk change with age,
What is an example of public awar...,
What is a stroke
89  cards
Coma, Persistent Vegetative State, Brain Death
What is a coma,
What is used to assess a coma,
What does gcs stand for
48  cards
Disorders of Cranial Nerves
What are each of the cranial nerv...,
What is cn i called,
What is cn ii called
96  cards
Degenerative Diseases of the CNS
What are some common features of ...,
What is dementia,
Describe the epidemiology of deme...
48  cards
Clinical Neurophysiology
What are some clinical neurophysi...,
What does emg stand for,
What do
38  cards
Clinical Assessment of the Neurosurgical Patient
What does cpp stand for,
What is cerebral perfusion pressu...,
What formula describes cerebral p...
28  cards
Brain Tumours
What are examples of cns tumours,
What are some common primary brai...,
What are some common secondary br...
41  cards
Functional Neurological Disorders
What is a functional symptom,
What are examples of functional s...,
What parts of the history are imp...
7  cards
What are common indications for h...,
What are contraindications for he...,
What are indications to perform m...
33  cards
Clinical Aspects of Cerebral Perfusion and ICP
What percentage of cardiac output...,
What is the perfusion of the brai...,
How does grey matter and white ma...
56  cards
Rehabilitation in Neurology
What is rehabilitation,
What is rehabilitation medicine,
What does rehabilitation lead to
33  cards
Applied Neuro-pharmacology
Describe the sequence of events i...,
What are the different receptor t...,
Is acetylcholine uptaked into gli...
53  cards
Diseases of the Spinal Cord
What are the different parts of t...,
How many vertebrae are there for ...,
Where does the spinal cord termin...
59  cards
Assessment of Cognitive Functioning
What is clinical neurophychology,
Why do you need to consider cogni...,
Why do you need to consider cogni...
18  cards

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