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What are alternative names for th...,
What 2 divisions make up the pros...,
What 2 divisions make up the mese...
48  cards
Central Nervous System
What is the largest division of t...,
What structures make up the telen...,
What structure connects the right...
33  cards
Blood Supply to the Brain
What areas of the brain are suppl...,
What impairments are expected wit...,
What impairments are expected wit...
15  cards
Supporting Systems of the Brain and Spinal Cord
What are the layers of connective...,
Meninges protect the brain from _...,
List the meninges from outermost ...
17  cards
Ascending and Descening Tracks
What type of information is relay...,
What type of information is relay...,
What information is carried by th...
22  cards
Peripheral Nervous System
Describe the layers of tissue sur...,
What is motor unit,
What is saltatory conduction what...
13  cards
Dermatromes & Myotomes
C1 dermatome,
C2 dermatome myotome,
C3 dermatome myotome paresthesia
20  cards
Cranial Nerves
Which cranial nerves are strictly...,
Which cranial nerves are strictly...,
Which cranial nerves are both mot...
18  cards
Muscle Innervations
What muscles are innervated by th...,
What muscles are innervated by th...,
What nerve innervates the subclavius
27  cards
Reflex Testing/Grading
What is a reflex,
What is the difference between su...,
Describe the spinal levels proced...
15  cards
Sensory Perception and Testing
List 3 superficial sensations,
List 3 deep sensations,
List 5 cortical sensations
11  cards
Consiousness, Memory, Communcation
What are the 7 levels of consciou...,
What is the difference between al...,
What is the difference between ob...
40  cards
Vitals, Infection, and Vision
What is cheyne stokes respiration...,
What is hyperventilation what are...,
What is apneustic breathing what ...
12  cards
Peripheral Nerve Lesions, Muscle Tone, UMN and LMN injuries
What is double crush syndrome,
What is a mononeuropathy,
What is a neuroma
45  cards
Balance and Vestibular Disorders
What is balance,
What sensory systems are responsi...,
How can the somatosensory visual ...
28  cards
Medical Procedures/Testing for Neurological Dysfunction
What is a ventriculography,
What is a myelography complications,
What is a cerebral angiography co...
16  cards
Pharmacology: Neuromuscular Management
What is the moa of antiepileptic ...,
List 5 examples of antiepileptic ...,
What is the moa of anti spasticit...
14  cards
Cerebrovasular Accident (CVA)
What is a cva,
______ strokes occur in 80 of cases,
What are 4 types of ischemic strokes
32  cards
Spinal Cord Injury
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the most common cause of ...,
Almost all scis are _____ injurie...
32  cards
Pediatric Development
Describe the cephalic to caudal c...,
Describe the gross to fine concep...,
Describe the mass to specific con...
36  cards
Pediatric Conditions
What is an apgar score,
When is an apgar score determined,
Describe the characteristics of a...
50  cards
Pediatric Reflexes
List the stimulus response and no...,
List 5 things that atnr can inter...,
List the stimulus response and no...
22  cards
Motor Control and Motor Learning
What is the difference between mo...,
What is adams closed loop theory ...,
What is schmidts schema theory of...
34  cards
Propioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
What is pnf 2,
Define chopping,
Define overflow
18  cards
GOLD Neuromuscular Conditions
What is alzheimers disease,
What is present in brain biopsies...,
List 6 sign and symptoms of alzhe...
45  cards
SILVER/BRONZE Neuromuscular Conditions
What is bells palsy,
List 4 signs and symptoms associa...,
List 3 examinations a pt should p...
23  cards

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