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Chapter 2: Network Models
A mac address is known as a n ___...,
A nic sends data in discrete chun...,
An ip address is also known as a ...
46  cards
Chapter 3: Cabling and Topology
What is a network topology,
Describe a bus topology,
Describe a ring topology
51  cards
Chapter 4: Ethernet Basics
Ethernet hubs take an incoming pa...,
What is appended to the beginning...,
Which networking devices can use ...
42  cards
Chapter 5: Modern Ethernet
What standard does ieee 8023ab de...,
How many pairs of wires do 10base...,
How many wire pairs does 1000base...
24  cards
Chapter 6: Installing a Physical Network
Structured cabling,
Telecommunications room,
Horizontal cabling
45  cards
Chapter 7: TCP/IP Basics
Protocol stack,
Internet protocol ip,
57  cards
Chapter 8: Routing
Routing table,
What two fields of a routing tabl...
55  cards
Chapter 9: TCP/IP Applications
Transmission control protocol tcp,
Tcp three way handshake
44  cards
Chapter 10: Network Naming
Name resolution,
Domain name system dns,
44  cards
Chapter 11: Securing TCP/IP
Plaintext cleartext,
Symmetric key algorithm,
Assymetric key algorithm
63  cards
Chapter 12: Advanced Networking Devices
Dedicated server,
Peer to peer network,
Peer to peer applications p2p
41  cards
Chapter 13: IPv6
3 benefits of ipv6,
How many bits does one hexadecima...,
Rules for ipv6 address compression
31  cards
Chapter 14: Remote Connectivity
Modulation techniques,
Frequency division multiplexing fdm
74  cards
Chapter 15: Wireless Networking
Wireless network,
Wireless access point wap
70  cards
Chapter 16: Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Virtual machine,
Benefits of vms
18  cards
Chapter 17: Building a Real-World Network
Campus area network can,
What should you put in your list ...,
Device types requirements
43  cards
Chapter 18: Managing Risk
Risk management,
Data breach,
Acceptable use policy
44  cards
Chapter 19: Protecting Your Network
Protocol abuse,
Malformed packets
61  cards
Chapter 20: Network Monitoring
Simple network management protoco...,
Snmp manager,
Management information bases mib
15  cards
Chapter 21: Network Troubleshooting
Open circuit,
Wire map problem
20  cards
Things I Didn't Know
What is used to provide the capab...,
3 technologies used to communicat...,
32  cards
Port Numbers
0 to 1023 are known as,
35  cards
8  cards
Classful Addressing
Ipv4 address is how many bits long,
Ipv4 address is how many octets long,
Ipv4 address is how many bytes long
24  cards
Class Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)
Know the / notation
7  cards
IP address classes
Know the range of Public IP address classes
10  cards
Mobile Deployment
4  cards
WAN Terms
7  cards
Network Security terms
Symmetric encryption
54  cards
Fibre Standards Distance
10base t,
100base tx,
1000base tx
12  cards
802.11 Wireless Standards
80211 a,
11  cards
Why ipv6 exist,
Ipv6 ip address size,
Ipv4 addres size
23  cards
Dion difficult Q
A company suffers an outage due t...,
Janet is a system administrator w...,
A company has a secondary datacen...
25  cards

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