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Glasgow Coma Scale
Eyes what are they responsive to ...,
Verbal response what are they res...,
Motor response what are they resp...
3  cards
Head Injury (1)
What are the early complications ...,
Immediate management what should ...
2  cards
Coma (1)
What is it what is it assessed by,
What should be assessed o e what ...
2  cards
Blackouts (1*)
What is it what are the causes of...,
What does neurally mediated synco...,
History what are important questi...
4  cards
Seizures and Epilepsy
What is epilepsy what are the cau...,
Generalised tonic clonic what occ...,
Absent what occurs here how long ...
6  cards
Status Epilepticus (1*)
What is it defined as,
Management guideline what should ...
2  cards
Headache (1)
What is a primary headache what i...,
What are the important things to ...,
What is important to exclude when...
3  cards
Tension and Cluster Headache (1)
What is it often described as des...,
What is it managed with,
Cluster headache
3  cards
Migraine (1)
How does it present there tends t...,
How is it diagnosed,
Management how is it managed acut...
3  cards
Stroke (1)
What is the most common type what...,
Stroke classification what does a...,
Posterior stroke syndromes
4  cards
TIA (1)
What is it what does it increase ...,
What are the investigations to do...
2  cards
Intracranial Haemorrhage (1)
Extradural haemorrhage what is it...,
Subdural haemorrhage what is it d...,
Intracerebral haemorrhage how doe...
3  cards
Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (1)
What is it,
How does it present,
How is it investigated how is it ...
3  cards
Multiple Sclerosis (2)
What is this who does it typicall...,
Clinical features what is the mos...,
What is the diagnosis of ms based...
3  cards
Trigeminal Neuralgia (1)
How does it present what are some...,
How is it investigated how is it ...
2  cards
Raised Intracranial Pressure (2*)
What is the normal range what are...,
How does it present what s one of...,
How should it be investigated wha...
4  cards
Intracranial Tumours and other SOLs (2)
What are some of the sols that ca...,
How does it present how is it inv...
2  cards
Intravertebral Disc Prolapse (2*)
What occurs here what is it assoc...,
What are the clinical features of it
2  cards
Nerve Root Compression/Radiculopathy (2*)
What are the clinical features of...,
How is it diagnosed how is it man...
2  cards
Cauda Equina Syndrome (2*)
What occurs here what causes it w...,
What are its red flags s s
2  cards
Peripheral Mononeuropathies (2)
Median nerve what are its risk fa...,
Ulnaer nerve where do the lesions...,
Ulnaer nerve
7  cards
Peripheral Polyneuropathies (including Guillain-Barré) (3)
What is its most common manifesta...,
Guillain barre syndrome what is i...,
How does it present what is commo...
4  cards
Cranial Nerve Palsies (2)
Nb marcus gunn pupil rapd defect ...,
Cn 3 palsy what is the structure ...,
Cn 4 palsy how does it present wh...
4  cards
Functional neurological disorders (2)
What is it defined as what are th...,
How is it diagnosed how is it man...
2  cards
Parkinson’s Disease (2)
What is it the most common type o...,
What are the motor symptoms it pr...,
How does a parkinson s tremor dif...
6  cards
Other Movement Disorders (2)
What are the different types of a...,
Tremor what are the types what is...,
Dystonia what is this what is adu...
5  cards
Motor Neurone Disease (3)
What is the most common type what...,
How does it typically present,
Eventhough the disease is progres...
3  cards
Myasthenia Gravis (3)
What is this what does it have a ...,
How does it present what is seen ...,
Which investigations need to be done
5  cards
Neuromuscular Respiratory Failure (2*)
When does this occur,
The symptoms seen depend on the o...,
Investigations what is the main i...
5  cards
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (3)
What are the types of it,
How does it present,
How is it investigated
3  cards
Cerebellar Disorders (3)
What are the causes,
What are the signs of it how does...
2  cards
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (3)
What is it defined as what are th...
1  cards
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
What is this how does it affect v...,
How does it present,
Which investigations should be do...
3  cards
Brown-Sequard Syndrome
1  cards

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