nrsg 200: med surg 3

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[Exam 1] Chapter 15: Management of Patients With Oncologic Disorders
What is anaplasia,
What is carcinogenesis,
Difference between benign and mal...
242  cards
[Exam 1] Chapter 32 - Assessment of HEmatologic Function and Treatment Modalities
Stucture and function of hematolo...,
Stucture and function of hematolo...,
Stucture and function of hematolo...
87  cards
[Exam 1] Chapter 34 - Management of Patients with Hematologic Neoplasms
What are indolent neoplasms,
Leukemia what is leukocytosis,
Leukemia what is a significant ca...
211  cards
[Exam 1] Chapter 57: Management of Patients with Female Reproductive Disorders
Ovary cancer why is this difficul...,
Ovary cancer epidemiology median ...,
Ovary cancer epidemiology most si...
42  cards
[Exam 1] Chapter 58: Assessment and Management of Patients with Breast Disorders
Ductal carcinoma in situ what is ...,
Ductal carcinoma in situ dcis wha...,
Ductal carcinoma in situ dcis fre...
166  cards
[Exam 1] Chapter 59: Assessment and Management of Patients with Male Reproductive Disorders
Cancer of prostate most common ca...,
Cancer of prostate who has the hi...,
Cancer of prostate risk factors f...
136  cards
[Exam 1] Chapter 41: Management of Patients with Musculoskeletal Disorders
Benign bone tumors what are these,
Benign bone tumors this includes ...,
Benign bone tumors what is the mo...
50  cards
[Exam 1] Chapter 61: Management of Patients with Dermatologic Disorders
Malignant skin tumors leading pre...,
Malignant skin tumors over 99 of ...,
Malignant skin tumors the two mos...
66  cards
[Exam 1] Chapter 43: Assessment of Digestive and GI Function
Stomach has what four anatomic re...,
Small intestine has what three po...,
The portal venous system is compo...
154  cards
[Exam 1] Chapter 49: Assessment and Management of Patients with Hepatic Disorders
Anatomy liver receives rich blood...,
Anatomy liver is essentially impo...,
Anatomy what does the liver do
340  cards
[Exam 1] Cirrhosis
As the fibrous tissue and scarrin...,
Functions of the liver
2  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapter 50 - Assessment and Management of Patients with Biliary Disorders
Anatomy gallbladder main function...,
Anatomy pancreas what are the two...,
Anatomy pancreas what is the endo...
72  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapter 46 - Management of Patients with Gastric and Duodenal Disorders
Functions of the digestive tract ...,
Quadrants of abdomen ruq contains...,
Quadrants of abdomen luq contains...
26  cards
[Exam 2] Chapter 13: Fluid and Electrolytes: Balance and Disturbances (Page 283-288)
Acid base disturbances what is pl...,
Acid base disturbances normal pla...,
Acid base disturbances the greate...
134  cards
[Exam 2/NO] Chapter 25: Assessment of Cardiovascular Function (Page 671-705)
Acute coronary syndrome definition,
Afterload definition,
Apical impulse definition
295  cards
[Exam 2/NO] Chapter 26 - Management of Patients with Dysrhythmias and Conduction Problems
Dysrhythmias what is this,
Dysrhythmias how are they initial...,
Dysrhythmias how are they diagnosed
268  cards
[Exam 2/NO] Chapter 27: Management of Patients with Coronary Vascular Disorders (Page 750-773)
What is coronary atherosclerosis cad,
Coronary atherosclerosis pathophy...,
Coronary atherosclerosis pathophy...
130  cards
[Exam 2/Final] Chapter 27: Management of Patients with Coronary Vascular Disorders
Atherosclerosis what is this,
Atherosclerosis what two main art...,
Atherosclerosis what is the main ...
95  cards
[Exam 2] Chapter 28: Managment of Patients with Structural, Infecious, and Inflammatory Cardiac Disorders
Valvular disorder what is regurgi...,
Valvular disorder what is stenosis,
Valvular disorder what is valve p...
57  cards
[Exam 2] Chapter 30 - Aneurysms
Aneurysms what is this,
Aneurysms outer layer name,
Aneurysms middle layer name
28  cards
[Exam 2] Chapter 29: Management of Patients with Complications from Heart Disease
What is hf,
Hf this syndrome is characterized...,
Hf this term indicates myocardial...
115  cards
[Exam 2/Final] Chapter 25: Assessment of Cardiovascular Function
What is the s1 sound,
Normal heart sounds what is the s...,
Normal heart sounds what is a s3 ...
114  cards
[Exam 2/Final] Chapter 26 - Management of Patients with Dysrhythmias and Conduction Problems
Conduction of electricity what is...,
Conduction of electricity rate of...,
Conduction of electricity what co...
143  cards
[Exam 3] Chapter 21 - Respiratory Care Modalities
At sea level concentration of o2 ...,
What is the goal of oxygen therapy,
What factors affect oxygen transport
126  cards
[Exam 3] Chapter 22 - Cancer of the Larynx
Cancer of the larynx how common i...,
Cancer of the larynx rfs what can...,
Cancer of the larynx rfs what gen...
54  cards
[Exam 3] Chapter 23 - -Management of Patients with Chest and Lower Respiratory Tract Disorders
Pulmonary edema what is this,
Pulmonary edema how is gas exchan...,
Pulmonary edema fluid build up ma...
209  cards
[Exam 3] Chapters 53, 54, 55
Functions of the kidney what is t...,
Functions of the kidney 3 step pr...,
Functions of the kidney blood pre...
207  cards
[Exam 3] Show Me: Kidney Function Video
Acronym to remember function of t...,
Function of kidney a wet bed,
Function of kidney a w et bed
131  cards
[Exam 4] Chapter 51 - Diabetes
Diabetes what is this,
Diabetes what can cause this to o...,
Diabetes what are the different t...
98  cards
[Exam 4] Chapter 52 - Thyroid Cancer
Thyroid cancer is this treatable,
Thyroid cancer what are the diffe...,
Thyroid cancer which type is the ...
29  cards
[Exam 4] Chapter 38 - Assessment and Mx of Patients with Rheumatic Disorders, RA and SLE
Diffuse connective tissue disease...,
Diffuse connective tissue disease...,
Diffuse connective tissue disease...
70  cards
[Exam 4] Chapter 14 - Shock and Multisystem Failure
Shock what is this,
Shock inadequate blood flow resul...,
Shock what do you need for adequa...
182  cards
[Exam 4] Chapter 62 - Management of Patients with Burn Injury
Skin what is the largest organ of...,
Skin what are the three layers,
Skin epidermis forms what
213  cards
[Exam 4] Show me for DKA / HHS
Dka what is this,
Dka what are some causes of this,
Dka what is going on to insulin
31  cards
[Exam 4] Stages of Shock Chart
What are the three stages,
What is shock,
Compensatory what is occuring here
55  cards
[Exam 5] Chapter 67 - Mx of Patients with Cerebrovascular Disorders
Cerebrovascular disorders what is...,
Cerebrovascular disorders what is...,
Cerebrovascular disorders stroke ...
185  cards
[Exam 5] Chapter 65/66 - Mx of PAtients with Neurologic Dysfunction
Neurologic function nervous syste...,
Neurologic function whats includi...,
Neurologic function whats include...
165  cards
[Exam 5] Chapter 68 and 70: Mx of Patients with Neurologic Trauma
Head injury is a broad term that ...,
Head injuries most common cause,
Head injuries age associations wi...
187  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapter 15 - Management of Patients with Oncologic Disorders
Cancer what is this,
Cancer what is metastasis,
Cancer what are malignant cancer ...
113  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapter 32/34: Hematologic Disorders
What is the hematologic ssytem,
What is plasma,
What is included in the blood cells
86  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapter 49: Hepatic Disorders
Liver where is this located,
Liver how does it receive blood,
Liver lobes in here
128  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapters 57,58,59: Reproductive Cancers
What reproductive cancers can wom...,
Ovarian cancer large cause of what,
Ovarian cancer difficult to detec...
101  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapter 47 - IBD
Ibd what is this,
Ibd what are some types,
Crohns disease how does this appear
39  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapter 47: Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal cancer how common,
Colorectal cancer rfs,
Colorectal cancer what screenings...
16  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapter 41: Bone Cancer
Bone cancer what are the differen...,
Bone cancer what are primary tumors,
Bone cancer what are malignant pr...
15  cards
[Exam 1/Final] Chapter 61 - Skin Cancer
Skin cancer prevention incldues what,
Skin cancer what is a basal cell ...,
Skin cancer what is squamous cell...
16  cards

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