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Chapter 1 - The Structure and Function of Body Systems
A band,
102  cards
Chapter 2 - Biomechanics of Resistance Exercise
Anatomical position
55  cards
Chapter 3 - Bioenergetics of Resistance Training
Adenosine diphosphate adp,
Adenosine monophosphate amp,
Adenosine triphosphatase atpase
71  cards
Chapter 4 - Endocrine Responses to Resistance Exercises
Allosteric binding site,
Anabolic hormone,
Catabolic hormone
19  cards
Chapter 5 - Adaptations to Anaerobic Training Programs
Anaerobic alactic system,
Anaerobic lactic system
54  cards
Chapter 6 - Adaptations to Aerobic Endurance Training Programs
Anatomical dead space,
Arteriovenous oxygen difference
43  cards
Chapter 7 - Age- and Sex-Related Differences and Their Implications for Resistance Exercise
31  cards
Chapter 8 - Psychology of Athletic Preparation and Performance
Achievement motivation,
70  cards
Chapter 9 - Basic Nutrition Factors in Health
Acceptable macronutrient distribu...,
Adequate intake ai,
Amino acids
55  cards
Chapter 10 - Nutrition Strategies for Maximizing Performance
Anorexia nervosa,
Binge eating disorder,
Body mass index bmi
12  cards
Chapter 11 - Performance-Enhancing Substances and Methods
Anabolic steroid,
Beta agonist
18  cards
Chapter 12 - Principles of Test Selection and Administration
Concurrent validity,
Construct validity,
Content validity
25  cards
Chapter 13 - Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation of Selected Tests
Aerobic capacity,
Aerobic power,
32  cards
Chapter 14 - Warm-Up and Flexibility Training
Active stretch,
Agonist contraction,
Autogenic inhibition
31  cards
Chapter 15 - Exercise Technique for Free Weight and Machine Training
Alternated grip,
Clean grip,
Closed grip
28  cards
Chapter 16 - Exercise Technique for Alternative Modes and Non-traditional Implement Training
Accommodating resistance,
Alternative modes,
Anatomical core
19  cards
Chapter 17 - Program Design for Resistance Training
1 repetition maximum,
2 for 2 rule,
Assistance exercise
41  cards
Chapter 18 - Program Design and Technique for Plyometric Training
Amortization phase,
17  cards
Chapter 19 - Program Design and Technique for Speed and Agility Training
Change of direction
18  cards
Chapter 20 - Program Design and Technique for Aerobic Endurance Training
Age predicted maximal heart rate ...,
Base training
32  cards
Chapter 21 - Periodization
Active rest,
Annual training plan,
Basic strength phase
26  cards
Chapter 22 - Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
Athletic trainer,
Closed kinetic chain,
30  cards
Chapter 23 - Facility Design, Layout, and Organization
Construction phase,
Design phase,
Feasibility study
8  cards
Chapter 24 - Facility Policies, Procedures, and Legal Issues
Assumption of risk,
Breach of duty,
20  cards

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