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Exam 1 Fundamentals
Semi fowlers,
159  cards
202 Exam 2
Tension headache,
Migrane headache,
Cluster headache
117  cards
202 Exam 3
Palpable sinuses,
Dry tongue can indicate,
What are the three salivary gland...
128  cards
240 Exam 2
7 medication rights,
3 medication safety checks,
Signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia
122  cards
Head To Toe
Inspect face and head for shape,
Inspect nose and lips,
Check for patency
34  cards
NUR 240 E3 ch 17 resp assessment
4 functions of respiratory system,
The two tracts,
Paranasal sinuses
68  cards
NUR 240 E3 ch 18 upper resp
Most common cause for illness rea...,
Treatment of uri,
Common cold
69  cards
NUR 240 ch 19 lower resp
87  cards
NUR 240 electrolytes
66  cards
NUR 240 review questions
Which ventilation perfusion ratio...,
What is the goal of a vasodilator,
What is an example of an ethical ...
19  cards
NUR 240 23 the aging adult
0  cards
oxygen and perfusion
0  cards
Chronic obstructive pulmonary dis...,
How do the airways become narrowe...,
Chronic bronchitis
4  cards
NUR 240 ch 22 arrhythmias
Arrhythmia definition,
Arrhythmias are diagnosed by,
Sinus node sa node
69  cards
NUR 240 ch 23 CAD
Coronary atherosclerosis,
What causes the symptoms in ather...
42  cards
NUR 240 ch 24 Management of Patients with Structural, Infectious, and Inflammatory Cardiac Disorders
Valve prolapse
21  cards
NUR 240 ch 26 PVD
Functions of the vascular system,
Intermittent claudication,
Rest pain
31  cards
Peds exam 1
Developmental approach to exam ne...,
Infants over 6 months,
86  cards

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