nur 256 phych (mental health)

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Unit 1 Mental health vs Mental illness Chapter 1
What is mental health,
What is mental illness,
Is this scenario an example of me...
41  cards
Unit 1 Nursing Process Chapter 7
What is the nursing process,
The purpose of the psychiatric me...,
59  cards
Unit 1 Therapeutic Communication Chapter 9
Communication process,
50  cards
Unit 1 Nontherapeutic communication Chapter 9
Giving premature advice,
Minimizing feelings,
Falsely reassuring
9  cards
Unit 1 Therapeutic Relationships Chapter 8
Nurse and patient relationship,
Goals and functions of the nurse ...,
What does social relationship con...
27  cards
UNIT 2 Maslows Hierchy
Maslows hierchy,
According to maslow s hierarchy o...,
What does physiological needs con...
13  cards
Unit 2 Theory and Therapies Chapter 2
Which one of these philosophers r...,
What are the 3 levels of awarenes...,
What does the personality structu...
56  cards
Unit 2 Cultural Implications Chapter 5
Eye contact cultural implications,
Touch cultural implications,
Personal space cultural implications
18  cards
Unit 2 Erikson Psychosocial Development
0 18 months according to erikson ...,
18 months 3 years a autonomy vs s...,
18 months 3 years toddler accordi...
9  cards
Unit 2 Paiget Theory
Sensorimotor stage birth to 2 years,
Preoperational stage 2 to 7 years,
Concrete operational stage 7 to 1...
4  cards
Unit 2 Ethics and Legal Chapter 6
Voluntary admission,
Do voluntary admission patients h...,
Involuntary commitment
44  cards
Unit 2 Treatment Settings Chapter 4
The continuum of psychiatric ment...,
Inpatient regulation,
Outpatient regulation
16  cards
Unit 2 Neurobiology and Pharmacotherapy Chapter 3
What is the function of serotonin...,
What occurs when there is low lev...,
Function of dopamine hormone
72  cards
Unit 3 Stress Chapter 10
Does everyone experience stress a...,
What is distress,
Examples of distress
37  cards
Unit 3 Crisis and Disaster Chapter 26
Does crisis disrupt equilibrium a...,
What does crisis intervention con...,
You as a nurse is working on a hu...
22  cards
Unit 3 Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Chapter 15
What is anxiety,
Mild anxiety,
Moderate anxiety
53  cards
Unit 3 Pharmacological Interventions for Anxiety Disorders
3  cards
Unit 3 Defense Mechanisms Chapter 15
What is altruism,
Altruism examples,
What is compensation
34  cards
Unit 4 Therapeutic Groups Chapter 34
What is the goal of therapeutic g...,
What is universality and the bene...,
You are having a group therapy wi...
34  cards
Unit 5 Depressive Disorder Chapter 14
Is depression a normal part of ag...,
Depression in older adults,
Pseudodementia vs depression
36  cards
Unit 5 Chapter Depression Pharma Treatment Methods 14
Antidepressants andthe older adul...,
What is antidepressants used to t...,
A client diagnosed with major dep...
43  cards
Unit 5 Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders Chapter 12
What is schizophphrenia character...,
S s of schizophrenia box 122,
What are the positive symptoms of...
73  cards
Unit 5 Bipolar and Related Disorders Chapter 13
How many bipolar disorders are there,
Which of the following dipolars i...,
S s of mania
36  cards
Unit 6 Trauma and Stress Related Disassociate Disorders Chapter 16
What type of incidents is an exam...,
What is the 1 treatment for patie...,
What type of traumas are associat...
61  cards
Unit 6 Somatic Symptom Disorders Chapter 17
What is somatic symptom,
What is the different type of som...,
Somatic symptom disorder explained
14  cards
Unit 6 Neurocognitive Disorders DELEREIUM, DEMENTIA, ALZHEIMERS Chapter 23
What is delirium,
Should a patient who is newly con...,
Is delirium short term
48  cards
Unit 6 Older Adults Chapter 31
Older adults,
Is depression common after stroke...,
Is this a normal finding as perso...
14  cards
Unit 7 Impulse Control Chapter 21
What is impulse disorder,
What is oppositional defiant diso...,
Risk factors for odd
12  cards
Unit 7 Childhood and Neurodevelopmental Disorders ADHD and Autism Chapter 11
Different types of therapy for ch...,
Different types of therapy for ch...,
Which of the following activities...
66  cards
Unit 7 Suicide and Non Suicidal Behavior Chapter 25
What is suicide,
What is suicidal ideation,
What is a suicidal attempt
36  cards
Unit 8 Personality Disorders CLUSTER A- Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal Chapter 24
Which personality disorders are g...,
What are the characteristics asso...,
What are some things that a patie...
22  cards
Unit 8 Personality Disorders CLUSTER B - Histrionic, Antisocial, Borderline, Naricisstic Chapter 24
Josie a 27 year old patient compl...,
Persuasive pattern of excessive e...,
What characteristic describe hist...
38  cards
Unit 8 Personality Disorders CLUSTER C- Dependent Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder , Avoidant Personality Disorder Chapter 24
Do patients with avoidant persona...,
Which of the following behaviors ...,
What are the characteristic of in...
21  cards
Unit 9 Eating and Feeding Disorders , Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Chapter 18
What is anorexia,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
Do patients with anorexia have a ...
52  cards
Unit 9 Substance Abuse Disorder Alcohol & Opioid Chapter 22
What are the commonly abused subs...,
What is addiction,
What is intoxication
48  cards
Unit 10 Child, Older Adult, and Intimate Partner Violence Chapter 28
What are the different types of a...,
What is physical abuse,
What is
29  cards
Unit 10 Anger Aggression and Violence Chapter 27
What is,
What is,
What is
15  cards
UNIT 10 Sexual Assault Chapter 29
What is sexual assault,
What is rape,
Date rape
26  cards
Unit 11 Grief and Dying Chapter 30
What is hospice,
Is hospice treatment focused in p...,
Which of the following patients a...
48  cards

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