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Vocabulary very likely to appear on ST exam
Ad valorem,
208  cards
Ch. 1 Exam
The real estate trade organizatio...,
The department of housing and urb...,
Which is not considered a special...
10  cards
Ch. 2 Exam
Real property is defined as,
An appurtenance,
In nevada the body of law that re...
20  cards
Ch. 3 Exam
The highest and most complete for...,
And ownership interest in real pr...,
In a state that can be freely tra...
20  cards
Ch. 4 Exam Questions
The process of transferring real ...,
In nevada the most common documen...,
The government transfers title of...
18  cards
Ch. 5 Exam
The servient estate in an easemen...,
An easement is,
The phrase running with the land ...
20  cards
Ch. 6 Exam
The constitutional right to regul...,
The comprehensive long term propo...,
What are the specific set of rule...
20  cards
Ch. 7 Exam
To create a valid real estate con...,
A contract having no force or aff...,
A voluntary agreement between leg...
8  cards
Ch 8 Exam Questions
A unilateral agreement that estab...,
An agreement wherein an owner of ...,
A verbal agreement to pay a commi...
18  cards
Ch. 9 Exam Questions
A principle can be held liable fo...,
The party granting authority for ...,
Agency relationships can be creat...
19  cards
Ch. 10 Exam Questions
In a tight money market one would...,
The federal reserve in order to s...,
The federal reserve normally affe...
20  cards
Ch. 11 Exam
A mortgage broker,
A conforming loan,
A percentage of the loan charged ...
20  cards
Ch. 12 Exam
An appraisal is best defined as,
Highest and best use of a propert...,
Sean hired an appraiser to prepar...
19  cards
Ch. 13 Exam
The federal fair housing act proh...,
The federal fair housing act appl...,
Inducing owners to sell by predic...
14  cards
Ch. 14 Exam
When a real estate transaction is...,
A proper escrow should be,
If the escrow instructions differ...
19  cards
Ch. 15 Exam
A net gain on an asset is the amount,
All of the following are consider...,
A gain is considered taxable when
14  cards
Ch 16 Exam
Nevada landlord tenant law applie...,
A property management agreement s...,
In nevada a month to month rental...
10  cards
Ch. 17 Exam
A cooperating broker may pay a fe...,
And owner of rental property who ...,
An unlicensed assistant who works...
18  cards
Ch. 18 Exam
The orientation of the house is,
At the state level nevada buildin...,
Before construction can begin on ...
14  cards

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