nyle - criminal law & procedure

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A. Criminal Court Subject Matter Jurisdiction
What are the two types of courts ...,
How may d be tried for felonies,
What type of crimes may ny courts...
3  cards
B. General Principles
What is required for d to be held...,
When may d be relieved of crimina...,
When may mental disease defect be...
13  cards
C. Crimes
What is required for assault,
What are the types of assault,
What are the types of new assault...
23  cards
D. Detention & Warrantless Arrest
What is required for arrest of cr...,
How may propriety of encounters i...,
What is required for unlawful sei...
4  cards
E. Search & Seizure/Open Disclosure
What may local criminal courts is...,
When is personal property subject...,
What is the purpose of search war...
10  cards
F. Confessions & Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
When may you have right to counsel,
What are ds rights once he enforc...,
When may d re litigate an issue a...
5  cards
G. Police-Arranged Identification Procedures
What is required for admissibilit...,
When may show up identifications ...,
What is required for admissibilit...
5  cards
H. Speedy Trial Guarantees
What is required for speedy trial,
What factors determine whether th...,
What is ultimately required for v...
3  cards
I. Double Jeopardy
May d be prosecuted twice for sam...
1  cards
J. Grand Jury Testimony
What testimonies may grand jury hear,
What is required for witnesses to...,
What are the exceptions to transa...
5  cards
K. Accomplice Testimony
What is required for d to be conv...
1  cards

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nyle - criminal law & procedure

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