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2.1 atomic structure
13  cards
2.2 relative mass
Define relative isotopic mass,
Define relative atomic mass and i...,
How do we determin the relative a...
12  cards
2.3 formulae and equations
Metals form _____ ions because th...,
Non metals form _____ ions becaus...,
Define a binary compound
19  cards
3.1 amount of substance and the mole
Amount of substance is measured in,
Amount of substance n,
5  cards
3.2 determination of formulae
Define molecular formulae,
Define empirical formulae,
When do we userelative molecular ...
6  cards
3.3 moles and volumes
Unit conversionscm3 dm3,
Dm3 cm3,
Cm3 to ml
21  cards
Why did you need to raise the cru...,
The formula from this experiment ...,
What was the purpose of breaking ...
3  cards
3.4 reacting Quantities
Formula forpecentage yeild,
Why is percentage yeild not 100
8  cards
4.1 acids bases and nutralisation
Formula of hydrochloric acid,
Sulfuric acid formula,
Nitric acid
13  cards
4.2 acid-base titrations
What is a standard solution,
What do we use to make a standard...,
How do you prepare a standard sol...
7  cards
4.3 oxidation and redox
9  cards
5.1 electron structure
What are they electron shells,
Confirming the maximum number of ...,
Electrons can have properties of ...
18  cards
5.2 Ionic bonding
Define anionic bond,
How are ionic bonds formed,
Ions are isoelectronic with neare...
15  cards
5.3 covalent bonding
Definecovalent bond,
Where does covalent bonding taker...,
Explin what is meant by a localsi...
8  cards
5. metallic bonding
Definemetallic bonding,
Explain the structure of metalic ...,
What are the threeproperties of m...
7  cards
6.1 shapes of molecules and ions
Definebonding and lone pairs,
What determines the basic shape o...,
Electron pair types in order of r...
10  cards
5. giant covalent and metallic
What factor impactsmetallic bond ...,
Properties ofcovalent molecular s...,
Properties ofgiant covalent struc...
5  cards
6.2 electronegativity and polarity
What is electronegativity measure...,
What impacts electronegativty,
11  cards
6.3 intermolecular forces
Intermolecular forces are,
Intramolecular forces,
The molecules in simple covalent ...
9  cards
6.4 Hydrogen bonding
Definition a hydrogen bond is,
Essential criteria for hydrogen b...,
Rules for thediagram showing hydr...
7  cards
7.1 & 7.2 the periodic table and Ionisation energies
The development of the periodic t...,
The modern periodic table is arra...,
Periodic tablegroups share simila...
21  cards
8.1 Group 2
Reactivity down group 2 footnotea...,
What are the uses of group 2 elem...,
In redox reactions group 2 elemet...
11  cards
8.2 Halogens
Group 7 reactivity trend of elect...,
As you go down group 7 boiling po...,
As you go down group 7 the oxidat...
15  cards
8.3 Quantitative analysis
How do you carry out the carbonat...,
How do you carry out the sulfate ...,
How do you carry out a halide test
5  cards
9.1 enthalpy
4 standard enthalpy changes,
Standard enthalpy change of react...,
Standard enthalpy of combustion ch
19  cards
9.2 enthalpy changes
Bond breaking is,
Bond formation is,
Define bond dissociation enthalpy
14  cards
9.3 bond enthalpies
Sometimes it is not possible to m...,
Bond enthalpy energy calculations...,
Hess law
5  cards
11. basic organic concepts
Define general formula,
Defineskeletal formula,
Defineempirical formula
57  cards
ch 12 alkanes
Http alkane structure explain bon...,
Impact of branches on boiling poi...,
Impact of chain length on alakens...
17  cards
12 alkenes
Physical properties of the alkenes,
Definition a pi bond,
The c c double bond
35  cards
15 haloalkanes
Haloalkanes have the general formula,
Draw primary seconday and tertiar...,
Trend in bond enthalpy in c halog...
23  cards
ch 14 alcohols
What are the three ways to make a...,
Alkene alcohol,
Glucose alcohol
33  cards
ch 16 organic synthesis
Heating mantle
15  cards

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