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Angela Carter Quotes
Ceaselessly thrusting the train,
Extraordinarily precious slit throat,
I senses in myself a potentially ...
20  cards
Frankenstein - Critic
Punter human qualities,
Punter idealization,
Punter scientific progress
33  cards
!! TBC master deck
Train sexual imagery,
Marquis scent footnotetbc,
Marquis appearance footnotetbc
66  cards
Paradise lost context
Which religious sect did milton b...,
What are the distinguishing belie...,
What are the christian orthodox b...
21  cards
Coriolanus Context
Socio economicwhat narritive stru...,
Socio culturalwhat did shakespear...,
Socio culturalwhat source did sha...
10  cards
!! Frankenstein Master Deck
50  cards
!! Coriolanus Master Deck
First citizenmartius enemy,
Second citizenmartius mother,
First citizenmartius dog
73  cards
!! Paradise Lost quotes
Narratorserpent sly,
Earth heaven,
66  cards
Paper 1 Critics
53  cards
!! DoM Masterdeck
She raises antonio literally and ...,
Antonio is timid and less fearles...,
She knows her death is coming and...
73  cards
Paradise lost but better
Greek tragedyperipateia,
Greek tragedyanagnorisis,
Greek tragedyhamartia
40  cards
Coriolanus Critic
Classjagendorf hatred,
Martiusgranville martius,
Tragedyoliver tragic
57  cards
coriolanus critics condensed
Classjagendorf hatred,
Martiusgranville martius,
Tragedyoliver tragic
36  cards
DOM and PL critics condensed
Pljohnson women,
Pllitt desire,
Plweston flattery
41  cards

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