ocr a-level geography - human interactions

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Places - case studies
Lympstone & Toxteth Jembatan Besi, Jakarta Northwood, Irvine Birmingham Barcelona
6  cards
Places - understanding place
what is place place perceptions ways fo representing places
10  cards
Places - Economic change
social inequality (income, housing, education, employment, healthcare, access to services) Quality of life (income, housing, health, education) economic change and globalisation impacts of structural economic change (ACs and LIDCs/EDCs positive and negative) booms & recessions role of government in social inequality
33  cards
Places - place-making
Investment planners & architects local community 24-hour city groups involved brand developments (flagship, legacy, events, retail, art, sport...)
14  cards
P&B - case studies
South sudan,
3  cards
P&B Sovereignty & territorial integrity
info. States nation sovereignty territorial integrity norms intervention geopolitics
19  cards
P&B - Contemporary challenges to sovereign state authority
current political boundaries TNCs supranational institutions political dominance of ethnic groups
7  cards
P&B - Role of global governance in conflict
Kashmir institutions, treaties, laws and norms flows of people, money, ideas and technology
9  cards
P&B - Effectiveness of global governance of sovereignty and territorial integrity
consequences for citizens and places (territorial integrity & sovereignty)
4  cards
Migration - case studies
3  cards
Migration - contemporary patterns
current spatial patterns inter & intra regional flows promoting stability, growth and development causing inequalities, conflicts and injustices
8  cards
Migration - more complex
economic globalisation = new source areas Young workers & female migrants south-south = other flows BF-IC & M-T conflict and persecutiion changes in immigration and emigration policies (pakistan & canada) bilateral flows
3  cards

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ocr a-level geography - human interactions

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