ocr a level geography

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Place- definitions
Define place,
Define space,
Define informal representation of...
12  cards
Coasts- definitions
18  cards
Place- KQ1 What's in a place?
Explain the difference between pl...,
How can meaning be attached to an...,
Explain the difference between lo...
4  cards
Place case study- King's park ward, Hackney
Where is kings park ward located,
What is the unemployment,
What is the of lone parent househ...
24  cards
Place case study- East Chesterton ward, Cambridge
Lone parent households,
White british
18  cards
Place- KQ2 How do we understand place?
What 5 factors influence place pe...,
Define 24 hour city,
Define place
35  cards
Places case study- Kurdistan
Which countries make up kurdistan,
Define diaspora,
Define pesmerga
9  cards
Place KQ3- How does economic change influence patterns of social inequality?
What is social inequality,
What factors are often used to de...,
What is hdi
4  cards
Places case study- Detroit
Where is detroit located,
When did henry ford set up his fi...,
What was different about henry fo...
45  cards
Place KQ5- How are places created through placemaking processes?
What is the role of governments i...,
What are the challenges associate...,
Who participates in placemaking
13  cards
Places case study- The olympic park
Where is the olympic park located,
Why did east london need rebranding,
What were the environmental probl...
46  cards
Coasts KQ1- How can coastal landscapes be viewed as systems?
What kind of system is the coasta...,
Why is the coastal system conside...,
What are the 8 factors that inter...
62  cards
Coasts KQ2- How are coastal landforms developed?
Define weathering,
What is the effect of an increase...,
What climatic conditions mean phy...
51  cards
Coasts KQ2- formation of landforms
Describe what a wave cut platform is,
Describe what a cliff is,
Give an example of an area where ...
39  cards
Coasts case study high energy coastline- The Jurassic Coast
Where is the jurassic coast located,
Why is it high energy,
What is the tidal range
9  cards
Coasts case study- Persian gulf
What sort of energy coastline is ...,
Which coutries surround the persi...,
Why is the persian gulf significa...
13  cards
Coasts KQ3- How do coastal landscapes evolve over time?
Give examples of change which occ...,
Give examples of change which occ...,
Give examples of change which occ...
12  cards
Coasts case study- Chesil beach
How was chesil beach originally t...,
If the beach had been formed by l...,
Where is chesil beach located
9  cards
Coasts- KQ4 How does human activity cause change within coastal landscapes?
What are the 2 ways in which the ...,
What are smps,
How many years do each of the fol...
7  cards
Coasts case study: Sandbanks, Dorset
Where is sandbanks located,
Why does sandbanks need managemen...,
Why does sandbanks need managemen...
20  cards
Coasts case study- East Norfolk (unintentional coastal change)
What are the characteristics of t...,
What is at bacton that makes it s...,
I what is the management strategy...
15  cards
Support systems KQ1 The hydrosphere
Why is water important to life on...,
Why is water important to humans,
What is the hydrosphere
55  cards
Support Systems KQ1 The Carbon cycle
Why is the carbon cycle important...,
Why is the carbon cycle important...,
What is gross primary production
7  cards
Support systems KQ1- Water cycle processes
What is infiltration,
What affects infiltration,
What is peculation
21  cards
Support systems KQ1- Hydrographs
What do hydrographs show,
What is river discharge,
What is river discharge measured in
16  cards
KQ2 The Amazon Rainforest
0  cards
KQ2 The Arctic Tundra
0  cards
Support systems KQ3- How much change occurs over time in the water and carbon cycles?
0  cards
Support systems KQ4- To what extent are the water and carbon cycles linked?
Name 5 strategies used to protect...,
What are wetlands,
How much of the earths land surfa...
42  cards
Migration definitions
Define migration,
Define migrant,
Define inter regional migration
12  cards
Migration KQ1
What is a push factor,
What is a pull factor,
Give examples of push factors
4  cards

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