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Pharm Terminology
What is the lock and key model of...,
Define drug affinity,
Define intrinsic activity
32  cards
Drug Barriers
What is the primary drug metaboli...,
In which part of the crystalline ...,
Where would you mostly find a cha...
5  cards
Drug Kinetics
Explain zero order drug kinetics,
What is first order metabolism,
What is loading vs maintenance do...
3  cards
Name bacteriostatic antibiotics,
Name bacteriosidal antibiotics,
What is the most common nasocomin...
33  cards
Describe histamines biological ef...,
True or false antihistaminics are...,
What is the most common site of o...
37  cards
Mydriatics and Cycloplegics
What is the neurotransmitter for ...,
True or false muscarinic m recept...,
Where else are nicotinic n recept...
17  cards
What are the ocular adverse effec...,
T f anesthetic combos toxicity is...,
How long should you wait for lido...
12  cards
T f omega 6 fatty acids are pro i...,
T f lipocortin is an enzyme in th...,
What are the five cardinal signs ...
35  cards
T f steroids are chemical messeng...,
What are the classes of steroids,
Where are steroids produced in th...
24  cards
Glaucoma Tx
T f glaucoma is a disease of excl...,
What are the targeted structures ...,
T f glaucoma therapeutics acting ...
17  cards
Ocular Supplements
Which vitamins have potential to ...,
T f according to areds2 lutein ze...,
Which supplement has neuroprotect...
24  cards

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