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Pathophysiology of Cancer
Cell growth is uncoordinated and ...,
These cells are not growing unche...,
Process of cell division developm...
49  cards
Intro and Clinical Manifestations of Cancer
Early warning sign of colorectal ...,
May be the only sign of bladder c...,
Types of cancer that can cause pl...
18  cards
Imaging and Oncology
Most common imaging uses ionizing...,
Good for bones kidney gallstones ...,
Most common location for bone les...
32  cards
Hematologic Malignancies
Spongy tissue where development o...,
Bones that have active marrow in ...,
Cancer of white blood cells chara...
33  cards
Breast Cancer
Among these proliferative lesions...,
T f the more connective tissue a ...,
Consistently associated with a hi...
30  cards
Cancer Screening
What are the necessary components...,
Survival rate of colorectal breas...,
These are detectable in the precl...
24  cards
Gyne Cancers
Most common gynecological cancer ...,
Type of endometrial ca that inclu...,
Type of endometrial ca that are g...
24  cards
Oncologic Emergencies
What do the following have in com...,
What do the following have in com...,
What do the following have in com...
45  cards
Musculoskeletal Cancers
Malignant cell of mesenchymal origin,
Presentation includes dull aching...,
What is the difference between ev...
29  cards
Tumor Markers
Proteins that are produced by the...,
What are tumor markers mainly use...,
T f levels of tumor markers tend ...
13  cards
Prostate Cancer
Normal size of prostate gland,
Make fluid contained in the semin...,
Zone that surrounds proximal urethra
34  cards
Tumor or cancer of blood cells or...,
Cancer that starts in the lymph n...,
Produces abnormal white blood cel...
22  cards
Treatment of Cancer
Cure rates for mastectomy and lum...,
Common debilitating complication ...,
Location of pancreatic cancer tha...
35  cards

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