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Joining a Ship
What documents training should yo...,
What are the contents of a sea ag...,
What are you looking out for when...
3  cards
Passage Planning
What is apem,
You are asked to plan a passage f...,
Same passage take me through the ...
4  cards
Ship's Routeing & Mandatory Reporting Systems
What is the ships routeing guide,
What are some types of ship routeing,
What is the routeing chart
5  cards
Aids to Navigation
What is a sector light,
What are leading lights,
What are lighthouses and beacons
5  cards
What is an ecdis what is required...,
What are the two types of charts ...,
What are the mandatory alarms on ...
4  cards
Notice to Mariners
What is notice to mariners,
What are ts and ps
2  cards
Radar and ARPA
What are the different errors and...,
How would you set up a radar for ...,
What is changing when you are alt...
10  cards
Position Fixing Methods
What types of position fixing met...,
How do you plot a running fix
2  cards
Sextant and Cel Nav
Uses of a sextant,
What are the correctable errors,
What are the non correctable errors
7  cards
Met and Synoptic Charts and TRS
Types of weather instruments on t...,
What are the key relationships wh...,
Describe the weather as you pass ...
6  cards
Restricted Visibility
What actions would you take when ...,
What does the captain want to kno...,
What is rule 19
9  cards
Radar Plotting
What is a radar plot,
How many plots do you need for a ...,
How do you get the cpa of a target
9  cards
Magnetic Compass and Gyrocompass
What are the different parts of a...,
What is variation,
What is deviation
10  cards
Principles of Keeping a Navigational Watch
What are your considerations when...,
How do you handover a watch at sea,
How do you prepare the ship for d...
14  cards
ICS Bridge Procedures Guide
What is the ics bridge procedures...,
What are the chapters for bridge ...
2  cards
Steering Gear and Steering Systems
When would you consider switching...,
When should the manual steering b...,
What are the three types of steer...
6  cards
Rope care and Maintenance
General good practice for rope care,
How often should a mooring line i...,
What are you looking for in a moo...
6  cards
Carriage of Cargo
What are different types of codes...,
What are the main hazards of soli...,
What is the cargo securing manual...
6  cards
Types of Fire and How to Fight Them and Equipment Checks
What are the different classes of...,
Where would find a fire plan what...,
What are the requirements for fir...
11  cards
Rendering Assistance, IAMSAR VOL III and Equipment Checks
What is iamsar vol iii,
Responding to an emergency on vhf,
When would you not respond to an ...
10  cards
Precautions for the Protection and Safety of Pax
Define a pax ship,
Define a casualty threshold,
What parts of solas were amended ...
7  cards
Life Saving Appliances (LSA)
What is the purpose of an emergen...,
What should you do if you set an ...,
What is the purpose of a search a...
27  cards
Drills and Training
What should pax receive before or...,
What are the requirements for cre...,
What are the requirements for the...
4  cards
Emergency Situations
Mob stbd side what are your initi...,
Follow up actions for mob,
Call from ab fire in the paint lo...
8  cards
What is marpol,
What are the annexes in marpol,
What is a marpol special area and...
11  cards
What is the international maritim...,
What are the different classes of...,
How would you find the emergency ...
9  cards
Squat and Interaction
What is squat,
Signs of squat and how to reduce it,
What is interaction
3  cards
Stability, Watertight Integrity, Load-lines, heavy weather
Important structural aspects of w...,
When should watertight doors be k...,
What are the 3 classes and what d...
15  cards
States of Stability and GZ Curve
What the labels for the x and y a...,
What are the 6 values you can tak...,
What is a gz curve
6  cards
Enclosed Space Entry
How does coswp define an enclosed...,
What is the procedure for an encl...,
What gases are you testing for on...
5  cards
Risk Assessment, PTW and Toolbox Talk
What are the two main factors whe...,
What are the four levels of risk ...,
When should a permit to work be used
4  cards
Health and Safety & COSWP
What is the merchant shipping hea...,
What are the key points of health...,
What is coswp
3  cards
ISM Code
What is the ism code,
What is the objective of the ism ...,
What is an sms
9  cards
What is mlc,
What are the minimum hours of rest,
What is in a seafarers employment...
3  cards
What is isps,
What are some of the requirements...,
Certs for isps
6  cards
What is solas,
Who does solas apply to,
What are the chapters of solas
3  cards
What is stcw,
What are the manila amendments in...
2  cards
Flag State and Port State Control
What is flag state,
What are the responsibilities of ...,
What is port state control
5  cards
First ship name type length secon...,
Final ship name type length gt tr...,
Fire fighting equipment onboard
4  cards
Rules of the Road
What vessels are deemed underway ...,
What vessels are deemed making wa...,
What vessels can you not determin...
5  cards

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