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Unit 1 - Intro and Anatomy Review
When assessing the symmetry of th...,
When examining the orbit via an o...,
The orbital lacrimal gland produc...
63  cards
Unit 1 - Eyelids
What are the three main layers of...,
What are the components of the ou...,
T f dogs and cats have both upper...
99  cards
Unit 1 - Lacrimal Gland and 3rd Eyelid
Precorneal tear film is crucial f...,
What are the functions of precorn...,
What are the layers of the trilam...
98  cards
Unit 1 - Conjunctiva and Cornea
What are the functions of the con...,
Conjunctiva is clear ____ tissue ...,
What are the bacterial flora of t...
159  cards
Unit 1 - Orbit
What are the bones of the orbit,
What are the foramen of the cauda...,
What are the glands of the orbit
95  cards
235  cards
Unit 2 - The fundus
What are the components of the fu...,
How do you evaluate the fundus,
What are the retinal vascular pat...
89  cards
Unit 2 - The Uvea
The uvea is the ______ layer of t...,
What are the two components of th...,
What are the components of the an...
80  cards
Unit 2 - The Lens and Vitreus
In utero what does the pupillary ...,
In utero what does the tunica vas...,
T f vasculature
83  cards
Unit 2 - Glaucoma
What are the glaucomas,
Why do we care about the glaucomas,
What is the pertinent anatomy to ...
45  cards
Unit 2 - Feline Ophthalmology
What are the general practices th...,
What is the normal stt in cats,
What is the preferred device to t...
80  cards
Unit 2 - Equine Ophtho
Explain the visual field of horses,
What are the unique parts of equi...,
What are the unique parts of fund...
65  cards
Unit 2 - Quizzes
Which of these statements is true...,
Differentials for retinal haemorr...,
Identify the correct species and ...
21  cards

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