options futures and risk management

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1 - Intro to Options Market
Who is the biggest user of option...,
Why do people use options 4 types,
What are the features of an index...
23  cards
2 - Basic Option Valuation
What percentage is the assumed ri...,
For time to expiration for option...,
What six factors impact option price
50  cards
3- Binomial Option Pricing Model
What type of option is best price...,
Can a portfolio be hedged made ri...,
What does hedged mean
11  cards
4 - Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
What does weak form market effici...,
The binomial model has discrete t...,
What number of days per year shou...
13  cards
5 - BS continued
Bs with dividend payment what mus...,
Why would an american option be e...,
Can american calls be valued usin...
23  cards
6 - Option Strategies and Risk Management
What does a positive n imply what...,
What does capital pi stand for,
What does nc np and ns stand for
36  cards
7 - Intro to Futures Markets
What are futures,
What is a key difference between ...,
What is a forwards contract and w...
21  cards
8 - Principles of Forwards and Futures
What are five key features of the...,
What are five key features of the...,
What are characteristics of the f...
14  cards
9 - Hedging with Futures
Why do investors hedge,
Why is hedging not always a good ...,
What does a short hedge imply
26  cards
10 - Options on Futures, Currency Derivatives and Exotic Options
If intrinsic values calculated fo...,
If a call option on a futures con...,
What can be said if an option on ...
11  cards
Practice questions
What is the delta of an option,
What is inversely related to the ...,
According to the put call parity ...
16  cards

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options futures and risk management

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