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Psychiatry history
How do you ask about drinking pat...,
What is the cage questionnaire,
What are the features of alcohol ...
18  cards
ECGs to interpret
What does this ecg show,
What does this ecg show,
What does this ecg show
19  cards
Alcohol Hx condensed
What questions should be asked in...,
What should you ask in a hpc of a...,
What do you ask in an alcohol hx sh
4  cards
Systemic review
What systems are in a systemic re...,
What should you ask about cns in ...,
What should you ask about respira...
10  cards
Summarising and investigations
How do you summarise a patient,
Why do u es and lfts,
When are tumour markers done
4  cards
General Hx
What pneumonic should be used in pmh,
What pneumonic should be used in dh,
What should the general structure...
3  cards
How can yo,
How can you tell on a cxr what ar...,
What is the appropriate method fo...
18  cards
Information giving
What should the initial stages of...,
How is a blue inhaler used,
How is a brown orange inhaler used
56  cards
Neurological Exam
What does danish stand for in a c...,
What should you inspect for in a ...,
How do you conduct an upper limb ...
21  cards
Cardiorespiratory Histories
What are the associated features ...,
What are some differentials to th...,
What investigations should you do...
20  cards
Case Histories
A 12 year old white girl is broug...,
An overweight 55 year old woman p...,
A 20 year old man is brought to t...
5  cards
Neurological HISTORIES
What should you ask for a headach...,
What should you ask for hpc in a ...,
What are the symptoms of temporal...
22  cards
Renal medicine and urology Hx's
What are the 2 possible presentin...,
What should be covered in hpc of ...,
What are the associated symptoms ...
14  cards
MSK Hx's
What are the components of hpc fo...,
What conditions should be asked a...,
What are the red flag symptoms in...
35  cards
Thyroid Status and Exam
What may you see on general inspe...,
What might you see on general ins...,
What might you see on general ins...
19  cards
Cardiovascular Examination
What do you see in cvs examinatio...,
What do you see in cvs examinatio...,
What do you see in the face on cv...
6  cards
MSK Examination
What is the patient positioning f...,
What is the patient positioning f...,
What is the patient positioning f...
38  cards
ABGs Interpretation
What do abgs show,
What steps should you look at an ...,
What should be considered of the ...
9  cards
Intimate Examinations
Breast, testicular, vaginal and Rectal
21  cards
Breast Lump History
What should you ask for presentin...,
What questions should you ask abo...,
What are the local associated sym...
6  cards
Peripheral vascular examination and ABPI
When is a pvs clinically relevant,
What is abpi and how is it measured,
How do you introduce yourself pre...
13  cards
GI Differentials
What are the differentials to con...,
What are important things to cons...,
In a haematemesis history what wi...
32  cards
Cardioresp differentials
What is a key question to ask in ...,
What conditions should be conside...,
What are the s sx and hpc associa...
81  cards
Clin/comm & diversity and Homelessness
be aware of things to consider/ask when taking a hx or assessing capacity from a person who is homeless also who have language barrier and are talking about embarrassing/sensitive issue
12  cards
What directions are lead 1 2 3 ra...,
What are,
What is the systematic process fo...
46  cards
AXR interpretation
What are the indications for an axr,
What may you see on an axr relati...,
What are the stages of reading a axr
12  cards
Motivational Interview
How do you open the consultation ...,
What do you do for screening in a...,
How do you assess intake in a mot...
8  cards
Angry patient / strong emotions
What is the procedure for dealing...,
What are tips on dealing with emo...,
How do you respond to cues questions
4  cards
Common drugs to explain
What is the mechanism of action o...,
How do statins work,
How does metformin work
49  cards
Constitutional DDx
What are the main things to do in...,
What should you do in a constitut...,
What systems may be impacted in a...
27  cards

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